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I made another episode of my podcast - Midnight Fic Obsession.

Podfic selection:
To the sticking place, by BlueInk3 Read by LockedinJohnlock

Podfic rec: Stately Homes of Wiltshire.
Author: waspabi
Reader: lazulus
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Story Title: Hooded in Red

Fandom: Sherlock

[ profile] alessnox
[ profile] alessnox

Sherlock is dead, but he isn't really. Molly Hooper is the only one of his old friends to still be in contact with him in hiding. The only link back to his old life, and now that link is in danger of being cut.

A story based on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood written for the Let's Write Sherlock: Challenge 2 on Tumblr and AO3
Completed for the WIP Big Bang 2017

Warnings: Some Violence

Characters: Molly Hooper, Sherlock Holmes, Greg Lestrade

Pairings: Molly Hooper/Sherlock Holmes, Molly Hooper/Original Male Character, Mostly Gen

When I Started: 7/15/2013 - Yes, over four years ago

How I Lost My Story:

The time was during the GREAT HIATUS right after Sherlock fell from the roof of Bart's Hospital and was thought to be dead. We knew that he was alive, but not what had happened to him. I planned to write about how Moriarty had to be bigger than just one man if it could threaten John from beyond the grave. Since Molly was the only one that we were certain knew that Sherlock was alive, she had to be in the story.

My push came when there was a fairy tale fic challenge. I realized that Molly would make a great Little Red Riding Hood, and so I wrote the story about her and the wolf. The problem was, how do I describe all of the machinations of Moriarty's empire. It was too big, and too complicated, so the story trailed away and died.

How I Finished My Story:

This was not easy to finish! At the end, I was changing plot points every day. I finally got it done by simplifying the plot. One point of view character instead of three. Drop the police subplot, and just mention it at the end. Find a motivation for Molly's character and cut out anything that does not advance that arc.

When I finished it, it was really stilted and hard to read. I had to open a new window, and retype the entire story to make it flow well. I was reediting sentences up until the minute of posting, and still must have lots of typos. I could not find a beta.

Even so, I am pleased with the work. I pushed through, and completed it. The story works. It still fits in canon, and I was able to link it to my current Season 4 fics by adding details that I could not have known at the time that I started it. It is a great relief to have finished it. Cheers all. Please give me comments if you can.

Acknowledgements: [ profile] patriciatepes
Patricia Tepes was totally awesome in making me exactly the art I wanted in a time frame that frankly, I didn't deserve. I loved everything she made, and she deserves heaps of Kudoes.

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I am posting a fic in the WIP Big Bang and would appreciate a Beta. Work is currently in DocX over at, but can be emailed. Am posting entry here. Please respond by July 1, 2017 if interested. Thanks. AN

Story: Hooded In Red

by alessnox

Best way to contact you: Comment on this post, or private message on

Fandom: Sherlock

Characters: Molly Hooper and Sherlock Holmes

Ship: Mostly GEN


Sherlock Holmes is dead, but he isn't really. Molly Hooper is the only one of his old friends to still be in contact with him in hiding. The only link back to his old life, and now that link is in danger of being cut. A story based on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood written for the Let's Write Sherlock: Challenge 2 on Tumblr and AO3 And being completed for the 2017 WIP Big Bang on

Length: 18,000 words

The rough draft is finished, and I am doing a meaning and logic pass. I need another set of eyes to do a Missing word, Spelling and Grammar pass. Finishing this story has been like beating my head against a wall. I want it to do too many things. Set in the gap between season 2 and Season 3, it is meant to help explain Sherlock and Molly's relationship in Season 4 as well as Molly's choices in Season 3 (read Tom).

Thanks for the help

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I was looking through my old files and found this gem of an article that I never posted. My views have changed a bit since I wrote this, but since Season 4 Sherlock has come and gone, it is well time for me to unload this commentary on the world. I appreciate your comments.

Alright, I've been quiet because I enjoy watching the ships go by, but it is finally time for me to weigh in on the debate of Sherlock and John's sexual orientation.

The Tragedy of BBC's SHERLOCK

Now the fandom has its preferences as seen by the fact that the largest ship in the Sherlock fandom is Johnlock. And why not? Romantic comedies are the norm for modern stories. We expect the romantic ending to the story. It fades to black, and we go home confident that love has conquered all, but if we expect this of BBC Sherlock, then we are forgetting something important.

Who is writing this story, and what story is it based on?

Who is writing this story?

Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat.

Let’s talk about Moffat, a man who has admitted that it fills him with glee to watch us cry our hearts out. Why, oh why would you trust him to give you a happy ending? It must be because of all the other happy season endings he's given us, like season 1 when Moriarty...oh...I mean season 2 when Sherlock… Well there was season three when Sherlock…no.

Do you see what I mean? Even in The Game of Three which must have been the fluffiest episode they've ever made, it ended with Sherlock going home... sad and alone.

What is the inspiration?

The Secret Life of Sherlock Holmes by Billy Wilder

That had a happy ending, didn't it?


Spoiler Warning!

The story:

Irene Adler showed up sans memory and hugged Sherlock while scantily clad. They took her in. They went undercover and Sherlock pretended to be her husband (They shared a room). Watson was sure that Sherlock fancied her, but in the end she double crossed them, and left. She was later executed as a spy.

Cheery huh?

But the text of the movie is not what it is know for. The secret life of Sherlock Holmes is known best for the subtext.

There was a notable joke right at the beginning that Moffit and Gatiss have mentioned specifically where to avoid offending a ballerina who asks him to sleep with her, Sherlock implies that he is gay. When the dancers find out, all of the women Watson was dancing with bow out, and Watson finds himself surrounded by fit young men. When he finds out why, he just about kills Sherlock telling him that he is straight and he can bring women as witnesses to his sexual prowess from three different continents if asked by the police. When he asks Sherlock if he can do the same, Sherlock says nothing.

John Watson in this story is straight, and proud to say so. Sherlock says nothing, so we must let his actions speak for themselves. Although interested in Irene Adler in what may or may not be a romantic way, he doesn't make sexual or other advances on her, and in the end, he lets her go. On the other hand, he has been living alone with another man who he finds indispensable, and not in the same way as Mrs Hudson. Not as a utility, but as a friend and more than a friend.

Although Sherlock's celibacy and possible virginity come from ACD cannon where Sherlock eschews passions of a romantic kind, the subtext in the Billy Wilder movie is that Sherlock Holmes is gay.

So if the modern Sherlock Holmes is based on the movie, does it agree?

Yes. I think so. Look at the facts.

1. John Watson is straight.

I know that everyone pulls out the Watson is bisexual card, but if we take what he says and does at face value, he is a man interested in sex with women. He has never shown interest in having sex with men.

About Sholto – That was his commanding officer, and although there is obviously an almost fanatical loyalty that John shows to him, and vice versa, it is more of a taboo for an army man to sleep with their commanding officer than it is for him to sleep with another man. I don't think that John straight-arrow Watson would jeopardize his career that way. Longing looks, perhaps, but

2. Sherlock never admits his sexual orientation

He doesn't, ever. People accuse them of being gay, he never says a word. He doesn't give a clue as to whether or not he prefers girlfriends or boyfriends. He is surprised at having “friends” at all.

3. He is celibate and possibly a virgin

The strongest evidence for Virginity is Mycroft's evil comment. When Sherlock says, “Sex doesn't alarm me.” He says, “How would you know?” Implying that Sherlock has never had sex.

He did not have sex, (or at least go all the way) with Janine as evidenced by her statement that it would have been nice to have done it at least once.

Then there is Moriarty whose nickname for Sherlock is “The Virgin”.

Also, although we see John go out on dates frequently, we never see Sherlock on one. We don't know what may or may not have gone on in the past, but it is clear that unless he is being extremely sneaky and hiding things successfully from both Mrs Hudson and John, that he does not go out on dates.

4. Sherlock's only serious relationship is with John

This is very strongly implied by everyone else's reaction to John, from Angelo, to Lestrade, to Mrs Hudson. We never see Sherlock without John as this is John's story, but everyone says that he was different and much worse before. Sherlock gets depressed when John is not there, and feels threatened by his girlfriends. He says it himself, “I don't have friends. I only have one.”

We can see that he goes so far as to give up years of his life and his good name to make sure that John remains safe, and he does things that he swears he will never do (like wear a tie) because it will make John happy, so Sherlock's view is pretty obvious. He is committed to this relationship whether John acknowledges it or not.

So what does this say in the end for us? Is Johnlock the end game?

I think not.

The end game is a tragicomedy.

John is fascinated with Sherlock and feels horrible when he is not there. John will not leave Sherlock. He will be his best friend and buddy till Sussex. The comedy is that these two best friends will be bumbling around London forever.

On the other hand, despite what Sherlock likes to tell himself, he is a bit of a romantic. He is romantically interested in John. He never wants him to leave, and he will do anything to keep him, even let him marry someone else, or make friends with someone who tried to kill him. He will go to prison forever or to his death for the price of one of John's smiles.

Sherlock is a man in love.

The tragedy is that John will never love him the same way.


They may end up in that cottage in Sussex, but there will be two bedrooms.

That is the Tragedy.

Has Moffat made you cry yet?

I thought so.
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Title: [Podfic] All My Roads Are Red
Author and Reader: [ profile] alessnox
Fandom: Sherlock (tv)
Time: 36 minutes 19 seconds
Warnings: rape/noncon, underage, domestic violence, violence, canon character death
James Moriarty remembers his mother in the last hours of his life.

Download Link: All My Roads Are Red MP3 
AO3 Link:

I wrote this in a blur in 2015 and two years later I have finally made the podfic. It uses disco and other music (mostly by the BeeGees) to explain James Moriarty's life, death, and his only true love.
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No one stopped me, so I wrote my darkest fantasy of Prison Island Eurus and her mental manipulation of her brothers to get what she's always wanted.

No spoilers.
Character development, reveals, shocks, death.

Well, maybe one or two spoilers.
For someone who once went on record as hating Incest fic, I really seem to have had a change of heart. Please tell me what you think of my new story.
Happy Families
By Alessnox

now complete.

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Have you ever had an idea for a fic that is so horrible that you know you are likely to write it.
One just hit me today, and I just need one person to tell me NO! so I won't.

It is Holmescest, but it is a triangle.

Jealous of Sherlock and John's domestic bliss, Eurus decides that she wants a baby as smart as her. She decides that the only way to get it is if one of brothers is the father.

The fic's title is:
Eurus always gets what she wants

Please stop me. Stop me now before it is too late.

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I just filled out the Organization of Transformative Works' Copyright survey, and I encourage you to do so as well.

As I was filling out the survey, I realized that these questions and answers were like a fandom interview of me, so I have decided to publish my responses to the survey here.

How and/or why did you first get involved in fandom? What is the first fandom platform you used (e.g., zines, Usenet, Livejournal, AO3, Tumblr...)?

The first fandoms that I spent large amounts of time in were Japanese Anime forums. I was very active in posting about anime in the early 2000s, I chatted, recorded and posted creator interviews, and wrote reviews, but I didn't really participate in content creation until I got into writing fanfiction on in 2012. I had always wanted to write, and this was an opportunity to get some things off of my chest. It also allowed me to get comments on my writing for the first time. I was hooked. I formed a community with other fans, and we supported each others writing.

Why do you create fanworks?
Many reasons, all of which boil down to "To Communicate". I write stories about emotions, about feelings, about fears. I use characters that others know and understand to make this easier and quicker for people to access.

I also write to fix stories that I think are different. For example in 2017 a new season of the series Sherlock came out with many problematic elements. I wrote stories to draw attention to some of the elements that the story glossed over. I wrote social commentary on the way the show presented mental illness, women's roles, relationships between men, etc. By couching them as stories instead of formal written social commentary, I was able to punch people in the gut with their emotions and reach audiences that will not go to a journal to learn about their favorite TV show. Also, you don't need to be peer reviewed to tell someone that you think a show has got it wrong.

How has your participation in fandom changed over time?
I have become more of an activist for hidden voices. The more that I read fan fiction, the more that I realize how limited public media is. I had not heard many of the voices of gays or disabled persons, or other social minorities before. I hadn't even noticed that they existed before I started reading different opinions. I saw viewpoints from people from many walks of life, from people whose jobs are packing boxes, to doctors, to scientists.
And the art that I have seen is amazing. Videos and drawings showcasing amazing talent. It has enriched my life. I continue to find it an important part of my mental health and happiness.

Do you think that fanworks should be treated or seen the same as other types of art (e.g., original writing)? Why or why not?

I am unsure.
At the moment fan communities are both limited by and protected by their perception as being other.

The people in the fanfiction community see themselves as separate from mainstream media, and thus feel free to voice opinions that are not mainstream. When you draw attention to their work, some authors will get angry because they discount their own work. They have internalized the voices that fanfiction is trash, and they think that to exhault their work is to insult them.

I personally think that fan writing is the most interesting and exciting writing that I read, and I will often prefer to read fanfiction over published stories. Some of the quality in these fan works are far superior to published works, and much of this is due to the fact that fan works are rarely written solely by an individual. They are based on the works and comments that have come before, and they are shaped by comments made during the writing process. This makes work with far fewer plot holes. Works that are based on a community of intelligent opinions instead of a solitary authors mind. It is exciting. It is addictive.

I think that it would be a sad world if these communities are attacked because people with power are fearful of their voices. I have seen comments by published writers saying that fanfiction detracts from their works and takes money away from them. This is ridiculous. Fan fiction honors a work, and it usually results in increased sales as fans of the fanfiction go back to the original works to understand what everyone is talking about. I know this from the Sherlock Holmes fandom. Many many people, especially young people, have read the Arthur Conan Doyle works only because they were mentioned in fan fiction and fan art.

Fan fiction is fiction. Fan art is art. The only distinction is a construct of the society we live in. In time, there will be no distinction at all.

Optionally, feel free to share anything else about your participation in fandom that you would like. (The questions following this will more specifically focus on copyright issues.)

I think that copyright law is a threat to the creation of fan works. Fan videos are constantly being taken down. Fan art works are derided and mocked for their subject matter regardless of their techniques. Many people routinely mock and laugh at fan artists, and it is considered a shameful thing to admit to writing such stories. Even main stream successes like "50 shades of Gray" are mocked primarily for being derived from fan fiction sources.

This disconnect between the mainstream publishing world and the welcoming fan communities means that most writers in fan communities know very little to nothing about copyright law. Because the mainstream media looks on fan works as illegal, most artists are afraid to advertise their works outside of limited ghettos. They do not look at other forms of copyright, like creative commons licences, because any legal structure seems like the enemy to them. They expect to be persecuted, and in many cases they are. Fan works are routinely purged from servers without warning or recourse for possible decency or legal reasons simply on suspicion. The current legal system is very hostile to the fan writer, and until they legally mandate a safe place for fan works, the communities will always be looked down on, mocked, and attacked. There is no safe space for fandom in current copyright law.
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I wrote two Eurus Holmes fics even though I have seriously mixed feelings about Season 4 of Sherlock.

Acorns and gingernuts
The stone experiment

Both about how the Holmes kids got along as children. Would love comments. I have so much to say, and fic allows me to say it.

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I recently took a survey about fan vidding and it reminded me how long it has been since I vidded. I didn't even know how to find all of my vids!
So I decided to make a master list.

I like slow, relatively long character stories.
Not most people's cup of tea, but I enjoy them, and in the end I suppose that's what matters most.

Here there are. I have no idea how both of these ended up being exactly four minutes thirteen seconds long.

JohnMyBeloved from Alessnox on Vimeo.

You and Me from Aless Nox on Vimeo.

YouTube Playlist
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I saw Kubo and the two strings. It is an amazing work of animation, but what impressed me is the story. It is, at its heart, a story of love and acceptance of family, even when they are difficult. Kubo defies expectations and uses his real power with stories to defeat his grandfather's prejudice. A rare story line with excellent execution.
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The Quiet man Act II

This is taking years, but I got two chapters up today.

Chapter 21 - Organized Crime
John notices Moriarty's men being jailed while at his book launch.
(This one took forever to edit as I had missing lines. In the end, I just posted it anyway. Sorry.)

Chapter 22 - Erosion
John has a dream where he marries Mary and her Dad, tells a crowd all of his deepest secrets, sleeps with Sherlock, and makes Breakfast for Moriarty

(This one tool lots of work on effects. I found it cool!)


Jul. 23rd, 2016 01:33 pm
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Have you ever heard the saying, "his eyes are too big for his mouth"? Well that's me. My brain is too big for my time. I feel confident when I start projects, but I've run out of time to finish them.

I suppose that's what life is like. I desire to be a philosopher with words that last for eternity, but in truth, they never do, and we all continue our march toward death. Anyway, finished or not, I'm gonna make this one fun!

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Another installment of Midnight Fic Obsession. This one about using Music to enhance stories.

Episode 21 (Music)

Time: 19 minutes and 42 seconds

Be-Bop (Two Decades in Five Performances)

Author: vulgarweed

Reader: kerravon

[Podfic of] Sansûkh


Readers: TheSansukhEnsemble


Ach, des Knaben Augen
Author: toomuchplor
Reader: Pennyplainknits music mixing by xenakis
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I haven't heard it said, so I am going to just come out and say what I think the show runners are doing on the show Sherlock.

They are straightbaiting.
Okay, that is not a word, but I've heard people talk about queerbaiting as when people bandy about gay themes to draw viewers with no intention of ever getting the "possibly" gay couple together.

By straitbaiting, I mean that the writers fully intend for their characters to be gay, but are dressing them as straight to attract people who are disturbed or do not expect to see gay characters.

The Sherlock fandom is polarized by people who insist that the main characters are either Gay or Straight. The fight is not only over perception, but intention, to the point that people post things like...
"I swear, if they make them kiss/ not kiss I am never watching this show again.

These kind of arguments disgust me because not only is the poster trying to influence the writers to chose their point of view, but it also sounds like they are saying that to write gay or straight stories are wrong.

But back to the point.
I think that in the beginning Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss were simply hoping to make a one off adaptation of The private life of Sherlock Holmes where Sherlock was implied to be gay. The story changed when it became popular, and so many people laughed at the thought that a character as famous as Sherlock Holmes could be gay. I think that after that, it became a secret challenge to see how many overt gay stereotypes they could put in the show, and still have people call the characters straight. In my estimation, they have currently reached the level of performance art!

For example, in what other story can there be a character who turns down or ignores any come on initiated by a woman, dresses very well in shirts so tight and sheer that you can see his nipples, Lives with a man who he stares at constantly, gets jealous of, and laughs at all of his jokes, and yet have people strongly deny even the possibility that he could be gay.

Every new season sees the addition of some new blatant homosexual reference, from a wedding crowd discussing a 'meat dagger', to Moriarty deep throating a gun. It is as if the writers are saying, "How obvious do I have to be until you get it?"

The easiest way to see that this is happening, is to watch the show and imagine everything is exactly the same, except that Sherlock is female.

"Sherlock is a girl's name."

Then the love confession at the wedding and Sherlock walking out early are obviously the poigniant and sad acts that they were meant to be.

What the show seems to show is how far you must go to have people abandon their comfortable narratives. For most watchers, gay people are others. Sherlock Holmes is one of us. If you make Sherlock gay, you steal him away from us.

So as the show goes on, I find the response to it uglier and uglier. The writers may think that people will watch it and realize that gay people are okay, but all I see is the likelihood that when and if a reveal comes, most watchers will write the entire show off as the gay one that got it all wrong.
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Last day of Snowflake Challenge, so I'm making it count.

The snowflake challenge is one of the first fandom things that I did to participate in "fandom" rather than just posting a few fics online. It was what prompted me to start my podcast ( and it got me a few friends and recs. So I have fond memories of it.

I've been bummed that my first post in the challenge has occurred on the last day. But I thought that I would post my fandom wish list. These are things that I want to do, but have not yet been able to. If you are willing to help with the podfic, encourage me, or if you have pointers or recommendations, please comment, as I am feeling a bit down today because...emotions.

Anyway, here goes.

1. Writing goals: old business
I have currently over 12 works in progress that I need to finish!
Read more... )
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Ready for the new year?

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner
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I've made a new podcast.

Fanfiction is often used to advocate for social change.

Midnight Fic Obsession 19 - Advocacy

Podfic: Phil Colston is not the Avengers Public Relations Manager by scifigrl47

Fandom: Avengers

(Mature Language warning)

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John, My Beloved

Music: Sufjan Stevens
Vid: Saturdaygirl2012
Summary: When Sherlock met John, he had no idea the effect that it would have on his life.

It's been years since my last vid. I even wrote a blog about it. Don't know how long it will stay up. Hope you like it.
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So, with the new computer my podfic process is shot.

This is me getting back on the horse with a podfic of my shortest story.

Title: Battlefield
Fandom: Sherlock
Author / reader: Alessnox

Summary: John remembers the battlefield. A 221B.

Warning: Gore reference to suicide


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