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The prompt was spectrophilia (Ghost Sex)
It got to me because ghosts in Harry potter can’t touch. How would it?
I also wondered when. Lupin dies only a couple of years after Harry. Was this sex between two ghosts? What was happening in the time when Sirius was dead but Lupin still alive.

It was a challenge.

That’s what enchanted me about it.
I started four times, and only finished it an hour ago.

For a purist like myself, a Harry Potter fic takes work. I listened to two audio books and searched through three more aswell ad Pottermore for details. There was so much I had to cut out, but the deadline came, so I braved the story finishing it, and Now I leave it with you. Please give feedback if you like.

The Summoning

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i was trying out a new computer workflow, and I made a fanvid based on the little known lesbian movie, “But I’m a cheerleader”.
What I found is that people don’t watch vids on AO3 for fandoms they aren’t in. I literally have zero hits.

I am just messing about as practice. I am offering a fan vid for Fandom Trumps Hate.

I would appreciate bids for a good cause.

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 I am offering two fanvids for Fandom Trumps Hate.
I mentioned fandoms, but I can do others if I have the source material.
Please bid if interested.

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 So one of the joys of writing is pushing your limits, and one of my pushiest fan fictions was Tango de Venezuela.

The story was set at the end of the nineties. A Mycroft Holmes story set in his twenties when Sherlock was seventeen. It was challenging because it was a dance fic set in a “canon” gap that was never described in the stories. Mycroft takes Sherlock on his first government mission to Venuzuela.

It is challenging for several reasons. First, I have never been to Venuzuela. Second, I don’t speak Spanish that well  especially not South American Spanish. Third, I don’t know how to tango, and this is all about the Tango.

I was inspired to write it because of my love of a particular male/male tango couple. I imagined the flamboyant dancer (Juan Segui,) as Sherlock, but no amount of imagination could make the other dancer John, so I figured that the only man Sherlock trusts enough to hold him in the air one-handed is Mycroft. I wrote the first story, The Tango, about this dance. But it ended with a promise of a later performance. Then I saw this dance and that, as they say, is history.

But as I was reading it again today, I realized that it wasn’t until 2000 that people had cameras on their phones. The woman filming was very rich, so perhaps she had the first Japanese model. Even so...  Her father has a video tape collection, so it’s not all anacronistic but.... perhaps I can get away with it given the Sherlock world is slightly more technologically advanced because he gets 4G reception in the subways when 3D was the highest available at the time.
It is so-teeth clenching to find errors in my work, but I kind of want to know how many things I got wrong. I am mortally afraid that the Spanish makes no sense as I used Google translate, anecdotes, and high school Spanish books to check the grammar.
Then again, taking chances and is a good thing. Cheers.
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I decided to use this time free from Tumblr to check up on other sites that I am signed up on.
I changed my AO3 options to send notifications whenever I get a kudo. I used to have all but comments blocked. Anyway, I got a Kudo today! Yay!

Did you ever get a kudo and think, "Wow, I forgot I wrote that."
Well I did.
I have so many stories that I forget them, and that is a good thing, because I can go back and read it anew.

The biggest problem is finding all the typos and thinking, I left that in for how many years?
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The snowflake challenge is a fandom festival that begins on the first of January, and continues till the ides. It was one of the first things I did when I joined, and I encourage each of you to participate.

You just make a post on the snowflake site every day with your take on the day’s topic. If you miss a day, just do it later. There are no penalties and it is very laid back.

I know that many of you are wondering how to live on a site without reblogs. This will help you get your feet, so Happy Hollidays, and please Join me on New Years Day at

See you there!


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 With the fall of tumblr, so many great Sherlock fans are moving to this site. I want to find them all!
Can we have a welcome meme like the snowflake challenge? Anyone want to go in with me on organizing one? We can even piggyback it on the snowflake challenge if it is still going. 

Anyone out there interested?
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 This story, though popular on AO3 is less popular on This may have to do with the fact that the AO3 version contains explicit sex scenes, and the ffnet version does not. Personally I can’t tell which is better. The one with sex has more time for characterization, but the sex scenes...

1. When I read my own sex scenes, they sound cheesy to me. I feel self conscious.
2. The no sex version is shorter.
3. I have a limited window when I can read the sex scenes without my kids or husband being around to hear me.
4. There is some prudish part of myself that feels that if I record myself describing sex scenes that I will have it come back to me and cause me trouble, and that is so sad. It is so sad it makes me cry that in 2018, at my age, that I would worry about schools, or judges, or legal cases for reading things, but I remember things like the women jailed in China, and the damn content filters, and laws that arbitrarily change making things illegal that were once legal, and I feel so mad at myself for feeling fear. What if the website I post this on labels me as someone who distributes pornography to minors? Is that a felony?

Then I calm myself down, and say, If that is the case, you are already doomed for having written it in the first place. In for a penny, in for a pound.
5. All this will come through in my voice and make me sound hesitant or embarrassed, and there is nothing worse than an embarrassed reading of a person’s work. I almost wish I could get somone else to read those bits. It would work for this work because there are three different voices.

in the end, I think I will start by reading the explicit version while they’re sleeping. If my husband hears me, he will laugh, and mockery doesn’t make it any easier to read. More later.
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 A window opened when everyone was gone or asleep and I took it using the time to record part of my podfic. I realized, in a reread that it had three different types of text. 
The letter: boldface
The narration: plain text
and the flash back, including sex scenes: italic

I decided to record each one differently. The first I recorded with my mic on it’s basic mono setting (a heart shaped profile). I used that for the narration. I wanted the letter to sound differently, so I used the stereo setting, but the computer noise was too loud. After playing around with filters for twenty minutes, I put soft stuff around the computer to cut down noice, and placed the mic below the desk, sitting on the floor to record.

I was able to get the last of the letter recorded just as the kids woke up, but the sex scenes will have to wait for another day.

At first I recorded by deleting defective takes and recording over them, but this became untenable when I was under the table because I couldn’t reach the mouse, so I will have to edit out the bad takes. I used a trick I heard on Auralphonics and clicked my tongue three times whenever I made a mistake. Tongue clicks are sharp marks visible easily on the track.

I think I will make separate clean tracks for each part and then input them into Ardour for the final assembly. I am a novice in Ardour, but this is just the kind of project to learn on. Maybe Saturday I can record the sex scenes.
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It is summer, and time to podfic. I have decided to write notes about my plans from the beginning to completion. I don't know if anyone will read this or if anyone cares, but what else are blogs for. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or are willing to Beta at any point along the way, please comment or catch me on one of the other sites alessnox on or Rozzychan on tumblr. Thanks.

I wanted to do a podfic this summer of one of my works. I looked at the list on Archive of our own searching for one that isn't too long, that I liked, and that was well received in the fan fiction communtity ( I rated this by Kudoes). After several false starts, I decided on The Morning After.

It is rated second by kudos of my existing works on that site with 137 and it is only 3855 words. A good choice.

How to do it.
The story has some interesting challenges. It isn't sequential. Much of the story is told by a series of flash backs that John Watson thinks of while writing a letter to Sherlock Holmes. There needs to be a clear distinction between John's thoughts, and what is being written in the letter.

There is the music. I want sad but not sappy. Not too familiar, and not too loud. I am very aware that the wrong music could take one out of it. I might even try to incorporate it into the story as if he bumps the computer and it comes on.

I will need keyboard clicks. I will need atmospheric sounds. Perhaps a clock ticking in the background. Perhaps none of these things. I should start with the voice and see if anything needs to be added.

The voice work will be the key to this story. There is the narration. That should be my own voice, quiet, almost monotonic with a medium distance from the microscope in a quiet, non echoing room. A bit of a problem for me at the moment as everyone is home, Not the ideal time to read a podfic.

The letter should be in John's voice. It should be emotional and personal. A close mic, a deep voice with catches and breaths.

I also need voices for Mary and Sherlock. As it is memory, I can leave out things or add clicks or breaths with my voice to suggest pauses or continuance.

The voice for the Letter should be loud. Not sure if I should add penstrokes or typing sounds during the reading, or omit them. There are two points of view, the reader and the writer. We should be identifying with the writer though.

Trying to chose between two works by Chopin:
Nocturne in E minor, Op. posth. 72


Nocturne in B flat minor, Op. 9 no. 1
Eduardo Viñuela
Public domain, romantic, saddish
Stopping here for now.... I welcome comments.

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I noticed that there was some question about what my video, Eurus in Love, means. And since I did spend quite a lot of time making it, I thought that it might be interesting to write up some notes on what I was trying to express with the video.


I didn’t want it to be too obvious, because art requires interpretation to really be effective, and a writer of Haiku once told me that a good Haiku only tells 60% of the story and makes you figure out the rest. Now I like to do at least 70% of the story so that people aren’t too confused, and that’s where the title comes in.


Eurus in Love.


Read more... )
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So after hearing a discussion on the Three Patch Podcast about James Moriarty and his relationship with Eurus Holmes, I got the idea to make this Fan Video. I would LOVE to hear comments.
Title: Eurus in Love
Creator: Satgirl2012
Fandom: Sherlock
Length: 3 minutes 51 seconds

Eurus Holmes In Love from Aless Nox on Vimeo.

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Day 15

In your own space, write a love letter to Fandom in general, to a particular fandom, to a trope, a relationship, a character, or to your flist/circle/followers. Share your love and squee as loud as you want to. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so

When I’m sad, fandom cheers me up.
When I’m nervous, fandom calms me down.
When I feel bored, fandom excites me.
When I’m lonely, fandom gives me pals.

All of us are born into cultures and traditions. We inherit prejudices customs, responsibilities. We are mothers, teachers, children, workers, separated by our roles, our class, our histories. But through fandom you and I connect. Through fandom where we share our squee. We are free to talk just you and me. And as we share our joy, we share our love. And loving fans helps us to learn to see, that others may not be what they appear. A fandom heart may beat beneath their chest. And so we learn to hold all unto our breast.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner 2018
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Day 10
In your own space, share your love for a trope, cliché, kink, motif, or theme. (Or a few!) Tell us what makes it work for you, and why it appeals to you so much. Talk about what you like to see in fanworks featuring that theme most. Feel free to include recs and examples!

I have two tropes that I have a weakness for: world building and fake relationships.

World Building
As a kid, I mostly read science fiction which is extremely setting heavy. I am still enamored with stories that build a world with enough details so that it is emersive. Two of the best in the Sherlock fandom are Northwest Passage set in a cabin in Northern Canada and 221 Bravo Baker set in Afghanistan.

Fake Relationships
I can’t help it but pretending to be lovers just pushes my buttons.Three examples are John Watson’s 12 days of Christmas, The Newlywed game: Johnlock Edition and The Norwood Love Builders.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner 2018

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Day 9

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I read through the list of all my fics, and tried to pick ones that I liked, that were not highly recced, and that were interesting to write. I picked 7.
Almost all of my stories are in the Sherlock fandom so I wanted to mention three that are not since I know the challenge has people from all fandoms.

1. The Potion 3341 words
This Harry Potter backstory is my take on the last meeting between Snape and Lily Evans.
There is a recording of the work on soundcloud

2. To sail among the clouds 1630 words
I loved Hiccup’s mother in How to train your dragon 2, so I wrote her backstory

3. The memoirs of Amanda Grayson 5852 words
A star trek romance about the parents of the character Spock. I had fun with the disjointed order of the work.

The rest are Sherlock stories.

4. In Service of the State 10,405 words
Who is Mycroft’s attractive PA who calls herself Anthea? What does she do, and why is she obsessed with her phone. This story reveals all.

The rest of the works are rated E. They get increasingly dark. Please read warnings.

5. The Morning After
John wakes up in sherlock’s bed after something horrible happens. Not series 4 compliant.
Mature version
Explicit version

6. Redbeard 9625 words
Sherlock being shot throws Mycroft into memories of their shared past. Pre season 4. Dark.

7. Devil John 27,706 words
This fic was a commission for a dirty Johnlock fic in a demon magical universe. This one was hard to plot, but I was happy with how it worked out, although it may be a bit much for some.
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Day 8

In your own space, share a favorite piece of original canon (a TV episode, a song, a favorite interview, a book, a scene from a movie, etc) and explain why you love it so much. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

For this challenge, I decided to switch to the Yuri On Ice fandom which I got into last January.

If you have lived under a rock, you may have missed the meteoric rise of the anime Yuri on ice which is a sports anime about mens figure skating. As a long time figure skating, slash fiction, and anime fan, this show seemed tailor made for me. Even so I was pleased by the writing which introduced a plot twist which surprised the heck out of me, and turned the story on its head. This plot twist occurred in episode 10 of a twelve episode series, so it was pretty late, and for a story to just switch on you like that at the end without warning... I must say that it was a beautiful thing to behold.

Spoilers Follow so skip if you plan to watch the show.

Now if you are with me still, you probably have already seen Yuri On Ice, and I am of course talking about the banquet flashback where Yuri asked Victor to come to train him when he was drunk.

This revelation changes Victor’s character from a goofy and impulsive eccentric who decides to go to Japan on a whim when he sees a youtube video; to a love-struck, solitary genius who takes a chance on finding the man of his dreams after forming a life-changing crush on a man he meets at a banquet who leaves the next day without even acknowledging him.

I was floored by the revelation, and I only wish that I can one day write something that good. It makes the story pleasingly rewatchable as you look at it again from Victor’s point of view. Here is a video of the scene. Enjoy!

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner 2018
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Day 4

In your own space, create a fannish wishlist. No limits on size or type of fanwork; just tell us what you’d like to see. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so. And if you grant a wish, do the same thing!

Day 5

Recommend a fannish or creative resource. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

So I didn’t post on the days, because I didn’t know what to post about, but then I saw the post advertising Fandom Trumps Hate, and I suddenly knew what I wanted!

Last year a lot of people were bummed after the US Presidential election, and some fans got together a fan auction to raise money for all the charities that supported things that seemed left behind by the administrations desire to be more evil. This auction was called Fandom Trumps Hate and it is a resource you should definitely check out. It is huge in the Sherlock fandom, but many of you may never have heard of this resource.

The auction allows you to pay people to write you stories or draw fan art. It is super awesome, and everyone should participate.

So on the top of my wish list I want to get one of my favorite podficcers to make a podfic of one of my favorite stories. I have had it stuck in my pending queue for at least two years, and I don’t think anyone has podficced it yet.

The auction opens Tomorrow ( Jan 8 ) so please go there and bid if you can. It is for a good cause.
Fandom trumps hate fan auction

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner 2018
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Day 7:

In your own space, create a love meme for yourself. Let people tell you how amazing and awesome and loveable you really are. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so. Surf the comments and find people to give love to.

I never found it easy to take compliments well. I learned long ago that a simple thank you usually suffices, but due to the early harsh criticism that I got as a child, compliments that were too strong often felt false to me, as if someone were making fun or mocking me. It took me years to realize that people were being honest when they said that they appreciated me. I realized then that the person who had the most trouble loving me was myself.

So when I started writing fan fiction, I resolved to not do it for the acclaim of others, but for myself. I try not to take hit counts too seriouly, or to get upset when people don’t rec or read my fic. So putting up a post to ask for love actually scares me. Somewhere down there is the feeling in my heart that no one cares, and no one will love me. This is followed by the feeling that people will post because they pity me, or not post at all which I can’t tell if I would prefer or not.

So I decided to charge right in and be the first to say what I love about my fandom self.

I joined the Sherlock fandom in 2012. I was being kicked out of my workplace, and my health was very poor. My failures were getting me down, and so I escaped by watching fan music videos and reading fanfiction. I had dreamed of being a writer since the age of 12 but I was always afraid to show my work. Part of the reason I married my husband was that he took me seriously when I told him about my writing dreams. But I couldn’t write then! I wasn’t good enough. I hid my books, unfinished under my bed and talked of them to no one.

But after I read some, I had a strong desire to tell my own version of the story. I wrote a romance without a simple happy ending. I wrote one where John chose Mary, and I got comments. People loved it. People hated it. People said it was well written, and I learned that I was a writer because I was writing. I became a writer when I allowed myself to write.

That first story was Moving ( which had two sequels and began my prolific writing streak that has resulted in over 100 works including a complete rewrite of the moving series on AO3 with a different ending ( ).

I try to be inventive, and always write a fic that I would want to read. I have enough stories now that I have forgotten some of them, so I have the joy of reading them as I do other people's fan fiction. I find that I am much less critical when I look at them with other’s eyes. I have often thought of making a reading guide to my stories, but then I think of how narcissistic that would be. One day I might. Then hopefully people could find something they liked among the chaff.

Thanks for listening to me rant. I love fandom, and I love you all for being here with me. Thanks for making fandom fun.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner 2018
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Day 3

In your own space, post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I am going to make this easy by listing the last three fics that I read / listened to.

[PODFIC] To the Sticking Place by for blueink3

Fandoms:Sherlock (TV)

 This is one of my favorite AUs in the Sherlock Fandom.
In this story, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are actors attempting to put on a production of Macbeth on Broadway. Love happens.

This work is rated explicit.
Podfics, or audio recordings of fanfics are my favorite way to enjoy fanfic. I even have my own podcast about it (


Three Tasks by 

Fandoms:Merlin (BBC)

This is a well written work in the Merlin TV fandom. It is about 44,000 words and is non explicit with only one sex scene at the very end. In the story, Arthur has the duty to decide the suitors of all romantic disputes among the royal servants. This becomes awkward when he must decide a match for his own servant, Merlin.

I liked the well thought out tasks. The good characterization, and the bits of humor that made this a lovely and suspenseful read.


The General Idea by

Fandoms:Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms

This story clocking in at 3022 words is a very sweet story in the Sherlock Holmes fandom that falls in category we call Retirementlock.
The Sherlock Holmes fandom differs from many fandoms in that the characters are mature adults, the original stories spanning from when Sherlock Holmes was 27 to when he retires. The fics written about the latter half of his life are retirementlock.
One question that is not completely resolved is where exactly Dr John Watson is in all this. He has married and most likely outlived his wives. He has had independent practices, and he has moved in and out of Baker Street. This story answers this question.

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