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No one stopped me, so I wrote my darkest fantasy of Prison Island Eurus and her mental manipulation of her brothers to get what she's always wanted.

No spoilers.
Character development, reveals, shocks, death.

Well, maybe one or two spoilers.
For someone who once went on record as hating Incest fic, I really seem to have had a change of heart. Please tell me what you think of my new story.
Happy Families
By Alessnox

now complete.

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Have you ever had an idea for a fic that is so horrible that you know you are likely to write it.
One just hit me today, and I just need one person to tell me NO! so I won't.

It is Holmescest, but it is a triangle.

Jealous of Sherlock and John's domestic bliss, Eurus decides that she wants a baby as smart as her. She decides that the only way to get it is if one of brothers is the father.

The fic's title is:
Eurus always gets what she wants

Please stop me. Stop me now before it is too late.

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Last day of Snowflake Challenge, so I'm making it count.

The snowflake challenge is one of the first fandom things that I did to participate in "fandom" rather than just posting a few fics online. It was what prompted me to start my podcast ( and it got me a few friends and recs. So I have fond memories of it.

I've been bummed that my first post in the challenge has occurred on the last day. But I thought that I would post my fandom wish list. These are things that I want to do, but have not yet been able to. If you are willing to help with the podfic, encourage me, or if you have pointers or recommendations, please comment, as I am feeling a bit down today because...emotions.

Anyway, here goes.

1. Writing goals: old business
I have currently over 12 works in progress that I need to finish!
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In an effort to increase respect for fanfiction, Sherlock BBC Fic Recs and Fuck Yeah teenlock are presenting the first ever HOLMSIES award for Sherlock fanfiction. Voting continues until September 1, 2014
(Please spread)

"The Holmsies," the fanfic awards co-hosted by fuckyeahteenlock and sherlockbbcficrecs, check this tag: The Holmsies.

This Tumblr features NSFW content including fanart and NC-17 or Explicit rated fics.

We're high functioning fangirls, do your research.

Hi all!

After months of reading through the THOUSANDS of amazing fics that were submitted to the Holmsies, we’re happy to finally let you know that we’re ready to announce nominations and accept votes.

Nominations were decided by the mods of fuckyeahteenlock and sherlockbbcficrecs. The maximum number of nominations per category is five, but some categories have fewer fics - these categories had fewer submissions than others, and we didn’t feel it would be fair to always include five for every category (e.g., if there were only seven submitted total).

As a reminder from when we started the Holmsies, all the fics on the list should have less than 25,000 hits on AO3 and less than 250 reviews/comments on any other forum - we did calculate hits as of when we received the submissions a few months ago, so there are a small number of fics that have crossed that limit since. They’re still included in the nominations.

You’re always welcome to give us feedback in the notes based on your experience engaging with this contest this year, and we’ll do our best to incorporate the most-often-stated comments when we do this the next time around.

You can access the Google form that we will be using to collect votes HERE. Only one submission per person, please - if you’d like to edit your votes after you’ve finished, you must save the link provided once you hit “submit.” We CANNOT find this for you later!

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Title: Homeless Maddy
Author: Alessnox
Reader: Alessnox
Fandom: Sherlock(TV)
Original Work: AND
Summary: If you sit in the right place, you might meet the guy in the long coat and make a little money. Maddy meets Sherlock Holmes planning to make a pound or two, but gets more than she expected.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4
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I found that my mike was making lots of noise that interfered with the podficcing.
Now, I still have an over loud fan on my computer, and I can't find the balance between canceling the noise with a noise filter and the ringing that it produces. Even so, my podfic projects are not dead. I just may have to start over from scratch.

Crossing my fingers that this works.
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Quote: "I created a website while you were talking in your sleep about cake."

First let it be said that I hate incest fics. Incest sets off all of my squick warnings. The closest to an incest fic that I can usually get to is something like Fruitsbasket where the incest or implied incest gives a creepy, malevolent background story. This being said...

The physics of present tense

The Physics of Present Tense

is the closest thing that I have ever seen to a incest!yeah fic. I downloaded this podfic and was surprised to find that it was in 10 parts. Going back, I found that it is four hours and forty one minutes long! Nevertheless, since I enjoy long form podfics, and I was in a good mood, I banished my husband from the room and began to listen to it.

It happens instantaneously, but it takes years. It’s like looking up at the stars and spinning around with your arms out and letting gravity take you.

The story is seductive and interesting starting before Sherlock is born and passing year by year until we get to the series. A complete backstory for the Sherlock Mycroft relationship which informs us about things such as the skull, Victor Trevor, Mycroft and Lestrade, Sally Donovan, and the brothers' verbal sparring. Sometimes it seems like voyeurism. Sometimes it is immersive, thrusting us into a forbidden relationship that seems so very all-enveloping and intense.

The language is poetic. A susurrus of words that pool and form a story of an affection that grows, perhaps, a bit too narcissistic. Time passes quickly at first with little glimpses of their lives. Mycroft is the main character, but we jump from his point of view to that of his brother between chapters to show that this is more of an equal relationship than it may appear at first.

Mycroft is a believable character, in temperament he appears much as he is in the show. Sherlock borders on insanity. I'd say that he's the closest to being OOC although there isn't anything that I can point to off the top of my head to show this fact. This can be used to explain Mycroft's obsessive protectiveness of his brother which includes using spy cameras and paying off his friends. It explains the cake barbs and why Mycroft must be present after Sherlock almost gets himself killed. A very well thought out and complete world view that just serves to point out how curved-in their world is on itself. Besides being "men of the world", it seems as if the two of them only really see each other most of the time which also serves to explain why neither brother dates.

Although it doesn't look it, they form a united front. Sherlock's wildness serves as a release for Mycroft preventing his boredom. Mycroft's solidity and power protects Sherlock and allows him to do what he wants. As a character study it is an intoxicating work and I salute for such a well realized work.


It's hard to believe that this is zwischendenstuehlen's first podfic. The production values on this work are just excellent. As someone who struggles to make halfway decent podfics myself, I can appreciate the clear quality of the sound, the interweaving of the story with music and sound effects, and the clear separation of voices required to make this work. zwischendenstuehlen has a beautiful voice. She reads very well. The fact that this is not her native language may be one reason that she speaks slowly and with good intonation, making this an enjoyable story to listen to. The only problems were the mispronunciation of some words that made me silently re-say the words properly in my head, and one verbal glitch that is less than is found in most works that I have listened to. Overall, it has a very good sound, and I will probably listen to this more than once, which considering the subject is saying something.

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In Your Name
by Bohemia
Fandom: Merlin
Words: 153,802
Chapters: 38

Now, most of the time I stay firmly in the Sherlock fandom, but I will stray into other fandoms, especially if a story is recommended like this one was. I started it, and I fell in love with it. It took a bit of time for me to realize what exactly this story is about. The frame story is obvious, "A modern day Merlin gets interviewed about his relationship with Arthur, Prince of Wales," but the understory is what makes this so compelling to me.

After the end of season five, most of the Merlin fandom was left out in the cold. There was just a promise of a future meeting, and a picture of a bearded Merlin in the modern day. We also have the words, "The once and future king". What exactly does this mean?

In this story, it means reincarnation.

The major characters are reincarnated into an alternate present day England. Uther is King, and a bratty Arthur is hounded by the press. When a chance meeting leads to Merlin saving the prince's life, a rocky romantic relationship is initiated.

I liked the fact that you could almost just make this into a future season of the story. In some parts, the language of the characters is good enough that you can just hear them saying it in your head. Some of the stories are recycled, but in the modern setting, they sound new. As in the original, just hearing the names of characters leads to anticipation of how they will fulfill their role in the story. It is a good read.


The main characters are Merlin and Arthur. Merlin is our POV character, and we are unsure of Arthur's feelings for him. As in the original, Merlin hides his magic from him. Merlin is a compelling character, if not a bit 'girly' at times.(Here I mean, blushy, hesitant, prize-like). All of the Royals fall for him for no apparent reason except his humor, engaging conversation and his charming manner. Oh and there is his bravery. I can't believe that it is his looks. I've seen Colin Morgan in a suit, and I did not think that he wore it well. He is an interesting character, however, and you can't always predict him except to know that he will always selflessly try to save Arthur.

Arthur here starts spoilt and rude and progresses to Shy-ish and misunderstood. His "I'm just Arthur" speech really helps explain a person bounded in by expectation who tries very hard to do what is expected of him, but at the cost of his own heart.

Gwen makes a nice confidant, although in this story she has no relationship with Arthur. Lance is brave but not well developed. Gwaine is a treat as the playboy who might just win Merlin for himself. Uthur is, thankfully, mostly a background character, but I feel that he is much more sympathetic than in the show because I get the feeling that he knows more than he is saying about Arthur's love life. Morgana is warm and charming.The playul, warm Morgana from early in the series that we all miss. I wanted her to stay this way and not turn into the evil Morgana, but...well we shall see.

The original characters Owain and Leon are a treat, especially Leon who I wanted to see much more of. I wondered about his relationship with Morgana, and would not be averse to reading a short with his version of the story.

I think that for the most part, the obstacles to the romance are clearly stated. Most people don't expect a gay crown prince, so they aren't looking for it in their relationship at first. Of course, a coming out is in order if Arthur is turning down marriage prospects because of it.

I found it interesting how Arthur wanted to wait before consummating the union, although I didn't know for what? Marriage? A more private venue? It was sweet in its way.

They have a sweet, angsty, mostly nonexplicit relationship with lots of kisses and sleeping together with sex implied later in the story.For the most part, I could deal with their on again off again love, but near the end I was starting to get tired of it and wanted to say "Just get it over with will ya?"

Episodes were chronological within the frame story of an interview, and most of what happened were never reported to the interviewer who we could tell was not sympathetic to their union.

I liked many things about this story. I liked the details of the life of Modern Arthur, such as how he would put on ratty clothes to go "slumming" but still had suited bodyguards following him everywhere. I liked how Merlin felt a bit put out that royals seemed to want to appropriate him as their personal (plaything) buddy without even asking a by your leave. I also liked how Morgana was affectionate to Merlin and Arthur and tried to help them find each other.

I also like how perils from the original series, and dialog were tossed in to add continuity and deepen the repeated destiny aspect of it.

I didn't like the abrupt change when the frame story started to move again. It confused me. I wasn't sure of everyone's location. I didn't like how some characters were a bit poorly developed like Owain and Percival (Percy),or how sometimes Arthur seemed very 'one note', but I can't help but be awed at the scope of the work. Retelling the story in modern day from first meeting while trying to keep true to characters and story. It is an awesome undertaking, and for the most part it is done remarkably well, therefore I highly recommend this work.

4.5 out of 5

Check it out!
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Day Nine

In your own space, create a fanwork. A drabble, a ficlet, a podfic, or an icon, art or meta or a rec list. A picspam. Something. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Here is a 221B Drabble to start a new fan fic with. A 221B Sherlock Drabble is about Sherlock Holmes and has two hundred and twenty one words with the last word beginning with the letter B.

A Visit from a Lady
By Aless Nox

Sherlock flipped the edge of the curtain with his fingers turning to look at John with a smile. “A customer,” he said, “show the lady in.” The doorbell rang and John rushed down the steps returning a few minutes later to raise his eyebrow at Sherlock as he escorted in a woman with long blond hair.

She was dressed all in green, down to her vinyl boots. On someone else, it would have looked a joke, like a pixie or an elf, but on her it brought out the brightness of her golden hair and highlighted the deep green of her eyes.

“Please have a seat Miss ah...what is your name?” Sherlock asked.

John straightened in surprise. ”You don‘t know?” John said, “Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of Marianne Doe?

"Why should I know her?" Sherlock said.

The woman smiled. “This is exactly why I’ve come,” she said, “Mr Holmes, you have a reputation as a heartless man.”

“Is that what you need?” Sherlock asked, “A man without a heart?”

“Yes,” the woman replied fluttering her long, blond eyelashes, “Love is a terrible thing.” she said, “I hate love.” 

Sherlock examined the woman from head to toe and then said, “Your life has been threatened. Is there a note?”

“Yes,” she said while unzipping, “He left it on my body.”


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Mycroft Confessions, Truth, and Lies
AO3 copy
Being a steward of the British Nation is hard work, but not, it seems, as hard as taking care of his wild-child younger brother Sherlock. When his loner brother suddenly takes a flatmate, Mycroft wonders what is happening, and who is this Dr. John H. Watson.
Sherlock fanfic
Genre: POV, angst, friendship
Rating: mild - sensuality, allusions to torture, same sex romance,
Words: 16,776
Published: 8-4-12
Characters: Mycroft H. & John W.

This story gets the most consistent amount of reads of anything that I have written. It starts at the beginning of series one and ends at Reichenbach, but it never leaves the point of view of Mycroft Holmes.

I started this to explore some inconsistencies that I saw in Mycroft's character. In other portrayals of Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft is far more removed and cold. He and Sherlock hardly ever talk. The overprotective brother shown in BBC's Sherlock is very different from those portrayals. I began to wonder what kind of life this solitary man led. How did he live, what did he value, and especially what did he think of John Watson? This also gave me an opportunity to comment on the John/Sherlock relationship from the outside.

I could have kept Mycroft cold and heartless, but he doesn't come across that way in the show. He actually seems quite affectionate, in his way. In fact, he was very polite and respectful to John after their initial meeting, and I began to wonder if he might feel something more. It was the scene in the coffee shop that got me. Why was Mycroft in a coffee shop with John? Why was he downstairs instead of upstairs pestering his brother? It seemed out of character. Then I thought, this is not the first time that John and Mycroft have met to talk about Sherlock. They must have this entire relationship with each other separate from Sherlock's relationship with John. My eyes widened and my mouth dropped open as I contemplated it. When did it start? What do they discuss? How often do they meet? John isn't getting paid, what does he get out of it? Are they friends?

I imagined a John that was friends with both of the Holmes brothers. WOW, what a strange and special person he must be to be able to accomplish that. And there it began.

In this story, I was able to use a very formal writing structure taking note of the openings and closings of sections and having a bit of a circular ending. As a challenge, it was quite an accomplishment, and I am proud of it.

If you have a chance to read it, tell me what you think.

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Here is my response to the snowflake challenge DAY 1  All of these works are based on the BBC show SHERLOCK.

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.


This is my first attempt at a podfic. It began as a single 221B written for Halloween, but it didn't want to stay so small. It grew into 23 chapters each a 221B and since each chapter was a little bite sized bit of story, I decided to try my hand at making a podfic of it. This is a horror, suspense, romance. The main character is Molly Hooper.

The story: After Sherlock's "death", Molly finds that someone is leaving black roses on her bed. The person most likely to make such a gesture, James Moriarty, is dead. Is his ghost haunting her, or is there someone else?


Revised version on AO3.

Moving is my first JohnLock story. This was my first attempt at a mature writing, and is probably the most controversial of my works. My comments include both glowing praise and those that say that they hated the story. Even though I still have some typos that I need to go back and correct, I still like this story very much. It was reviewed by barbrat.

The story: John tells Sherlock that he is moving out of the apartment. Sherlock decides that he would do anything to make him stay, even if it means having sex. A post-Reichenbach Sherlock / John story with humor, dirty tricks, and true love. Warning: Strong emotions!


I was thinking about the homeless network and what a shit Sherlock was to use these poor people, giving them only pocket change for their efforts, so I decided to write a story from the point of view of one of Sherlock's agents. By writing it, I found that my assumptions about Sherlock were wrong. This story creates an original character that other people have told me that they like very much. Her worldview and attitudes have given me a chance to explore some of the assumptions of the Sherlock universe and the people that they just don't see.

The story: If you sit in the right place, you might meet the guy in the long coat and make a little money. Maddy meets Sherlock Holmes planning to make a pound or two, but gets far more than she expected.

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