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Episode 11- (Point Of View)

Time: 22 minutes and 5 seconds

The divide between Fan fiction and Professional Writers

Fandom: Sherlock

Fiction Rec:

These Violent Delights by Pasiphile


The Progress of Sherlock Holmes by Ivy Blossom read by Cellar_Door

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Episode 7 - (Longing)
Time: 16 minutes and 31 seconds
Rec: The Adventures of a Single Girl in London (Plus a Consulting Detective) by earlgreytea68

Podfic: The Presbury letters
podfic read by mific.

Written by Katieforsythe .

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Episode 3 (Inspiration)
Time:9 minutes and 8 seconds
The newest episode explores Inspiration, from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss to the Sherlock fandom.
Heavenly Day by felixfelicius
Fall Now by Katrina Depp
Adamant by Alessnox
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Episode 2 - Taboo is up.

Time: 12 min. 5 sec

A cure for boredom by Emma Grant 01

Going Pro Fanfiction to pro forum

The Physics of Present Tense by Pax Lux read by zwischendenstuehlen

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Now, I haven't seen the last episode of Season 3 of Sherlock yet, "His Last Vow", however, if what happens is what happens in canon then Mary will not survive it. So this is the perfect time for stories about John getting over Mary's death. Therefore I recommend this story, What he deserves. This is a post-hiatus Sherlock/John fic where Mary dies and John is heartbroken.

John Watson seems to bear more than his fair share of Angst in the Sherlock Universe, so it is nice when there is at least some form of happiness in the end. Another excellent read by Consulting Smartass. Check it out.

What He Deserves
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Mary Morstan/John Watson
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Grief/Mourning, Canonical Character Death, Post-Reichenbach, First Time/First Kiss
Length: 1:29:43

Referred from: fuckyeah johnlock podfics

Listen (mp3)
Download (mp3)

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Sherlock fandom, I made this podfic just for you.

Dedicated to Bloody Muggles and SammyKatz
in case of emergency
Title: In case of Emergency
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Characters: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson
Story found at:
Download from HERE

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I finally finished with part 1 of the Quiet man. I am incredibly proud of it.
15 chapters
Almost 4 hours

The Quiet Man -Part 1
Written by Ivyblossom and Read by Alessnox

zipped folder

Here are a couple of sample chapters to give you a taste.

Source: The Quiet Man by Ivy Blossom

Chapter 1 - Forty three minutes

Chapter 9 - A Romantic Notion

Will Upload ASAP

Thanks to My Awesome Betas




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Alright, so we all like writing fanfiction and making podfics etc. It's a passion. It's fun.
But I also have written stories that are not fanfiction but original works. Most of the time no one wants to read original works because they don't know what to expect but this story is special.
My husband liked it and talked people into working with us to produce a FULL CAST AUDIO DRAMA of the work.
See the preview below.

I'd love to hear your comments and suggestion for how we can spread this work and make more. I have an indiegogo fundraiser campaign to burn it to CD and raise money to pay the actors. Please help me spread the word if you can. Thanks.


Aug. 8th, 2013 12:07 am
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Got what I hope is a final, almost final, version of chapter one of the Quiet man. Very challenging.
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So as the summer comes to a close, I find myself still in the midst of trying to record. I took on the, possibly insane, task of attempting to record The Quiet Man by Ivyblossom. Why?
Because everytime I go to my podfic library, I wonder why it isn't there to listen to. Sometimes you just have to solve problems yourself.

Ivyblossom says that it has been attempted before, but nothing was published. Working on it, I realize why. It seems deceptively simple. The story takes place almost entirely inside of the mind of John Watson, so you would think that it is simple. Just read what he is thinking, but not so, no not so at all.

John Watson's mind is incredibly complex.
First, he thinks so fast, there are paragraphs of monologue between one outside action and the next. Does this mean that we should read this quickly to fit the passage of time, or slowly? Then there are the voices.
1. Outside voices:
John and those he interacts with, his psychiatrist, Ella, his sister, Mrs Hudson, etc.
2. Inside voices
John's thoughts being the primary ones, but also John's voice as he talks to his imaginary image of Sherlock, and that is to be distinguished from his actual memories of events between Sherlock and himself.

It becomes a bit of a zoo to separate them. There are three different voices for John, and to start with two different voices for Sherlock. Eventually there will be three, and it will be important to tell them apart.

I am trying to do the separation simply with my voice and mic technique. I'm considering whether or not I need to use special effects for this. What do I mean? Let me give you an example.


1.You’re a very lonely man, I think. People need connection, physical touch. It’s not anything untoward. You are still a human being, whatever you may want other people to think of you. I know the truth. You’re not a machine. You’re more like a cat needing to be stroked; you like it when I touch your hair.

2.“You like it too.”

3. Do I? I suppose I do. It’s nice. Being able to.The way your eyes flicker shut. Pleasure on your face. I don’t know. It’s nice. What? Is that strange?

4. “You should have kissed me.” Goldfinger theme music is playing in the background.

“5. What? Why?”

6. “Because you wanted to.” Did I? I don’t remember that. You pick up the remote control and turn the volume down a little. That’s a real memory, not an altered one; you didn’t like the music. 7. Too discordant, you said. Bad audio quality. It’s like a screeching harpy in a thunderstorm. I laughed; I laughed a lot with you. I haven’t laughed in months.

8. “You could kiss me now.”

1. is John's normal voice. The voice of his thoughts that narrates the work. I do this by talking directly into the mike.
2. Is Sherlock's voice. The imaginary Sherlock that John talks to in his head. I do this by talking past the mike and deepening my voice.
3. Is John talking back to the imaginary Sherlock. I do this by talking past the mike.
4. This combines Imaginary Sherlock and Narrator John.
5. John talking to Imaginary Sherlock.
6. Imaginary Sherlock and John with a section of John quoting Sherlock in the past. What voice should I use for quoting Sherlock in the past? John's voice? John's voice with Sherlock's cadence? Imaginary Sherlock's voice?
8. Imaginary Sherlock again.

As you can see, this is incredibly complex, and this is only 8 lines of one chapter of a work with 58 chapters. It's hard enough just figuring out who is saying what without attempting to make them all sound different. Well, different but identifiable. I try, but I'm overcome with doubt, and that makes it very difficult to keep going.

Oh, and by the way, this is a call for beta listeners. I really could use help to know if the work is at all understandable.
Just pm me.
I could really use the help.

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Title: Homeless Maddy
Author: Alessnox
Reader: Alessnox
Fandom: Sherlock(TV)
Original Work: AND
Summary: If you sit in the right place, you might meet the guy in the long coat and make a little money. Maddy meets Sherlock Holmes planning to make a pound or two, but gets more than she expected.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4
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I've finally got around to starting the podfic for Mycroft - Confessions, Truth, and Lies.
One of my most popular works. A story that traces Season 1 and 2 of the Sherlock (TV) series from the point of view of Mycroft's brother, with a little romance and angst thrown in.

Suggestions for improvement, and praise are both appreciated.

Work: Mycroft - Confessions, Truth, and Lies
Author: Aless Nox
Original work ffNet or AO3
Summary: Being a steward of the British Nation is hard work, but not, it seems, as hard as taking care of his wild-child younger brother Sherlock. When his loner brother suddenly takes a flatmate, Mycroft wonders what is happening, and who is this Dr. John H. Watson.

Chapter 1 - Confessions

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From the moment that I first read it, I knew that this was something special.

Tetris Porn is STUNT fanfiction!
Written by veteran fanfic author, Velvet Mace, who went MIA before I could ask her to approve my making an audiofic of it.
I still can't find her, and for that reason, I haven't submitted this to the archive, but I made a podfic anyway because Fortune Favors the Bold.

This is still one of my favorite reads.
Please give a listen.

TITLE: Tetris Porn.
PAIRING: Four-in-a-Row x 4 almost completed rows.
WARNING: This is about as lemonish as non-sexual blocks on a screen with classic Russian music playing in the background can get. Not particularly brainsafe, but I dare say your boss will just shake his head if he catches you reading it. Oh and there is some Angst too... just... cuz.

Note: And they said it couldn't be done... oops, no wait, they said it SHOULDN'T be done. Oh, my bad.

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One thing that always amazes me is the breadth of emotion that can be expressed in fanfiction. Here are my recommendations for two different podfics that induce very different emotions in the listener.
Rated T for language and mature concepts such as suicide. No explicit sex, but sex is implied in the second.

When his hour will come


After Sherlock's suicide and his own sister's death, John must take care of his sister's child alone.

In this story, John loses first Sherlock and then his sister, but instead of being left alone with his sorrow, he is the sole guardian of his sister's child, Ava, and must care for her. When past enemies pursue him, he must try to find a way to keep his daughter safe in a world where it is increasingly harder to get by.

This story is heartbreaking, and relentless, but very good. I just recently found that it has a sequel and I am hoping that things pick up for John and Ava in the future.



Part two of the Not Your Average Threesome series by Thirdbird. After John Watson gets kidnapped for the fifty-seven-zillionth time, Sherlock won't let him out of his sight even going so far as to sleep in the same bed. This puts a bit of a damper on John's new romantic relationship with Gregory Lestrade.

This one is funny, with enough serious bits to make the comedy work, and the most surprising part is how completely fine John is with being in the center of a threesome where one partner is asexual. It's light hearted and helps chase the doldrums away.

Both podfics are highly recommended.

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The Presbury Letters by katieforsythe
Sherlock Holmes; holmes/watson
cover by mific

mp3 106 MB
m4b 54.1 MB

notes: This features Holmes, Watson and Mycroft. Set some time after The Lucky One, during WWI. Parted by war, Holmes and Watson write to each other.
This proved unexpectedly tricky to record, due to the need to convey writing and reading letters, and even censored sections in letters. I'd love feedback on how it turned out.


I just heard the podfic and it is absolutely beautiful. Set in WWI with an older Holmes and Watson separated by the war sending letters to each other. Heartbreaking and gorgeous in it's imagery with a compassionate Mycroft. It has a beautiful fraternal vibe and is very romantic.

Strongly recommended.
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I love podfics, but I must say that they do have their limitations. The porn content being very high, it's hard to find stories that won't lead to extreme mortification if, heaven forbid, the cord should get pulled out so that everyone around you can hear the story. Even a few seconds of some podfics could cause extreme embarrassment if overheard. Many, or perhaps most of them, should only be listened to with ear phones on, and sometimes only when alone in a dark room, but then how can we feed our podfic addiction when around others?

Here are three works which are safe to listen to, even in public.

Almost incendiary eve

A poetic retelling of the Sherlock story. Liner notes include the poem which inspired it.

Curse words: none
Johnlock: none (except to say "The man he loved")

Writer: lbmisscharlie
Reader: the science of obsession

Smooth sounding. May get you weird looks because of the artyness of it. Sounds very literary. Dramatic, bit over the top. Nice dramatic music.

2.5 out of 5 Mostly because I don't like stories that are too Artsy.

You call me like the moon
Writer: etothepii
Reader: themusecalliope

A Sherlock story where John is a werewolf and was part of the K9 unit in Afghanistan. Sherlock finds out.

Caution: One mention of being naked.

A Sherlock/lycanthropy story will probably be weird to most people.

3.5 out of 5 Sort of cute, but I think that werewolves and Sherlock are a weird AU mix.

Writer: ajhall
Reader: fayjay

Sherlock solves a case involving a domestic murder, a young chess whiz, and an antique chess board.

Caution: Parents/guardians accused of murdering each other.

Gotta say I love this one. From the cheesy violin music to Sherlock's snarky comments to the counselor.

4.5 out of 5 True to the spirit of the original stories with a surprising ending.
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Here is my response to the snowflake challenge DAY 1  All of these works are based on the BBC show SHERLOCK.

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.


This is my first attempt at a podfic. It began as a single 221B written for Halloween, but it didn't want to stay so small. It grew into 23 chapters each a 221B and since each chapter was a little bite sized bit of story, I decided to try my hand at making a podfic of it. This is a horror, suspense, romance. The main character is Molly Hooper.

The story: After Sherlock's "death", Molly finds that someone is leaving black roses on her bed. The person most likely to make such a gesture, James Moriarty, is dead. Is his ghost haunting her, or is there someone else?


Revised version on AO3.

Moving is my first JohnLock story. This was my first attempt at a mature writing, and is probably the most controversial of my works. My comments include both glowing praise and those that say that they hated the story. Even though I still have some typos that I need to go back and correct, I still like this story very much. It was reviewed by barbrat.

The story: John tells Sherlock that he is moving out of the apartment. Sherlock decides that he would do anything to make him stay, even if it means having sex. A post-Reichenbach Sherlock / John story with humor, dirty tricks, and true love. Warning: Strong emotions!


I was thinking about the homeless network and what a shit Sherlock was to use these poor people, giving them only pocket change for their efforts, so I decided to write a story from the point of view of one of Sherlock's agents. By writing it, I found that my assumptions about Sherlock were wrong. This story creates an original character that other people have told me that they like very much. Her worldview and attitudes have given me a chance to explore some of the assumptions of the Sherlock universe and the people that they just don't see.

The story: If you sit in the right place, you might meet the guy in the long coat and make a little money. Maddy meets Sherlock Holmes planning to make a pound or two, but gets far more than she expected.

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The Progress of Sherlock Holmes

FANDOM:     Sherlock(BBC)
GENRE:        Romance
TIME:             7 hours 45 minutes


At over seven hours this fanfic is not for faint of heart or the casual Sherlockian, however it is perfect for a long day of solitary housework. I must warn you, however, that at some scenes you will want to just close your eyes and listen because the images are particularly intense and evocative, especially if you are as much of a fan of the John / Sherlock pairing as I am.

Sherlock Holmes is in love with his flatmate, John Watson, unfortunately he is unable to express his feelings. John Watson appears to like him, but his mixed messages are hard for Sherlock to understand, and then Mary Morstan walks into John's life.

The reader, cellardoorpodfic, has a pleasant voice that is not annoying to listen to which is important in a story of this length. She makes distinct, recognizable voices for John, Mary, Mycroft, Sherlock, and Sherlock's thoughts that make it possible to understand Sherlock's story.

The podfic has a foreword by the author, ivyblossom, that discusses the narrative structure, first person present tense. We only see things from Sherlock's perspective. We may infer what others feel, but we don't know for sure what they are thinking.

This work has a soothing, lyrical quality. Sherlock is a strange person with strange thoughts, but the author makes us comfortable in his head. This Sherlock thinks about John a lot. John also often thinks of Sherlock, but his intentions are unclear to Sherlock. They dance around each other for what may be months or years not talking and not understanding each other. In a way, the story evokes a bit of the Victorian quality of the original, because there are so many things that they cannot or will not say.

Mary is a flawed woman with philandering ways. She is so good at hiding her emotions that most of the time Sherlock cannot read her. John tries to lead his own life, but he is unable to stop working with Sherlock for long before his limp reappears. Mrs Hudson is a jewel, seeing to the heart of the story, when most of the other characters are blind to their own and other's emotions.

If there is a villain to the piece, then it is Mycroft Holmes who interferes too closely in his brother's affairs. If we assume that he treats all of Sherlock's acquaintances the same as he did to John Watson when he first met Sherlock, then we might get a glimpse into why Sherlock has no friends, and why he hates his brother so much.

RATING: Mature

This work is rated mature for graphic sex scenes, however they do not take up most of the work which consists of bits of interesting cases, texts, flirting, and lots of suggestive and sensual touching followed by Sherlock's ever unsure interpretations.

The sense of loss and longing in the story is palpable, for Sherlock (our viewpoint character) but also for John who wears his heart on his sleeve. John is trapped between his desire to live with his wife, and his almost physical need to be with Sherlock.

Mary is a complication that makes a successful romantic resolution difficult, and when the resolution does come, it is not without it's share of discomfort. We get the feeling that Sherlock Holmes is a very misunderstood man doing his best to interact with people although he is horribly repressed and unable to communicate his true feelings to others. Perhaps it is only that no one has ever listened closely enough before.

Overall, the story is worth the listen if only for those moments when John and Sherlock finally begin to realize that each of them truly do have feelings for each other that go beyond friendship. The sex scenes are good too.

For the most part, the other characters fade into shadows. John and Sherlock think almost constantly about each other to the exclusion of all else. The fact that they can't see what's in front of their eyes is sad. Then again, this is what makes the conclusion more satisfying. Even so, one is left with a sense of regret, if only they had communicated a bit better a few years earlier, then we could have missed all of this angst.

The plot is what the title says. The progress of Sherlock Holmes as he goes from totally sexually repressed and uncommunicative to sexually active and slightly more emotionally open. Other than that, the days are fairly repetitive for Sherlock, (case, no case, case, no case). We never are given a complete case to investigate. Mostly Sherlock just looks at things and deduces with John there to say "Amazing!" The only thing that gives a sense of time to Sherlock's existence is John and his relationship with Mary. John is the timepiece for the work. The clock on which Sherlock's life runs, and this more than anything tells us that there is only one satisfying resolution to this work.

If I have any criticisms of the work, it would be in the obviousness of making Mary so flawed. It seemed like her faults were paraded by us just so that we would not pity her so much when John's affections turned to Sherlock. Mycroft was surprisingly noteworthy because he ended up being such a shit. They explained his viewpoint in the end, but even so, I just didn't like him. Also, his ability to control Sherlock with petty, though very expensive, bribes made Sherlock come off as a bit too juvenile and materialistic in my opinion. Despite these minor faults, overall I consider this story an excellent work, and a very well executed podfic.

My rankings (0 yuck to 5 WoW!)

Romance: good 4
Hotness: good 3.5
Mood: excellent 4.5
Case Quality: fair, interesting 2.5

Overall: 4
( out of 5)

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I'm taking a moment to promote a podfic that I made of one of my stories.

TITLE: Haunting Molly
AUTHOR: Aless Nox
READER: Aless Nox

FANDOM:   Sherlock (BBC)
GENRE:      Horror/Romance/Suspense
PAIRING:    Molly Hooper / James Moriarty / Other
WARNINGS: Disturbing images
RATING:      Teen
LENGTH:    41minutes 45 seconds

Haunting Molly is a story from the point of view of Molly Hooper. It is set after Sherlock's fall. Molly lives alone in her flat with only her cat Toby for company and no new boyfriends since Jim (a.k.a. James Moriarty). When she suddenly starts finding black roses on her pillow every night, she begins to wonder if Jim is really dead. Could it be a ghost? Molly sets out to solve the mystery unaware that she is in mortal danger.

This story was written in 221B's which means that each chapter is exactly 221 words long and ends with a word starting with B. Hopefully this doesn't interfere with the Narrative structure which drives toward a confrontation between Molly and her 'ghost'.

This is my first attempt at doing a podfic. I appreciate any comments, good or bad. Thanks.

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If sex is what you are interested in, the Sherlock fan community does not disappoint. There are many, many Sherlock stories that are mature or erotic in nature. The most popular pairing is John Watson with
Sherlock Holmes as it seems that one look at the way the two stare at each other in the show is enough to make the mildest mannered fan girl go out and write smut.

When it comes to audiofics, it seems that there is hardly one that does NOT have an erotic scene somewhere in the story, but not all erotica is equal and so here are some of my favorites.

FIC: You're a Soldier, I'm a Warzone
AUTHOR: abundantlyqueer
READER: the oscar cat

Abundantly queer, author of the popular "Two Two One Bravo Baker" Sherlock AU Series, knows how to write sex scenes. This story, or I should say these stories, are set in between the episodes in Season one of Sherlock. The basic premise is stated by Sherlock himself in the first episode. “After a case, food, sex, sleep -- not always in that order... I’ve eaten, I’m not ready to sleep -- so, time to have sex.”

Episode 1 -
Set after 'A study in Pink' where Sherlock propositions John for a one night stand and John agrees.

Episode 2 -

After the Blind Banker. Sarah leaves in shock and Sherlock propositions John again because "one time things sometimes happen twice".

Episode 3 - Arms Race
In the limbo between episode 2 and 3, Sherlock gets turned on watching John fire a rifle and asks for more sex, this time with a gun.

Basically this is a 'plot, what plot?' series that is very hot, although I have difficulty with the last one as I not only don't have a gun fetish, but I have a "I don't care if that thing is not loaded don't you point it toward me!" attitude toward guns.

Oh and yes you should know that this is homosexual sex folks, so if it freaks you out, these works are DEFINITELY not for you.

The second series in the Hottest Sherlock list is the Paradox series.

FIC: Paradox series
AUTHOR: Wordstrings
READERS: Fayjay (for most of them), revolutionaryjo, and Songlin

I know it's weird to list an entire series, but the Sherlock and John characters are pretty unique. In this version, Sherlock is fairly crazy and their sex is fairly kinky with asphyxiation and in the last episode some whipping.

But this series is hot for a totally different reason than the first one. The 'Warzone' series is hot like a one night stand is. There is passion and exciting times, but it's flash in the pan and over quickly. The paradox series has a slow creeping sensual attitude that builds up the unusual relationship by showing the strange ways that Sherlock and John bend over backwards (sometimes literally) to give each other pleasure. Sherlock has a list of all his kinks 'fine' and 'not fine' and they work through them during the course of the series with an occasional detour into what turns John on.

My favorite is probably still
Entirely covered in your invisible name

but I have a warm spot for "The Dying of the Bees", especially part 3

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