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Episode 10 - (Magic, Angst, and Humor)

Time: 10 minutes and 56 seconds

News: The Holmsies Awards - Voting now open for Sherlock Holmes Fan Fiction awards.


Fandom: Sherlock
Story: The Letter of the Lore
Author: Anonymous

Fandom: Sherlock
Story: All Hearts are Broken
Author: Writerfan2013

Podfic selection:

Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (books)

Story: Like a dream

Author: W_a_i_d

Reader: ElaineofShallott (Lady of Misrule)
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Fanfiction is like a mosaic.
Everyone is part of a shared world. The stories build on one another, reference one another, precede or follow one another, and there are relations everywhere.

This is never more apparent than in the SHERLOCK BBC fanfiction world. As of this date, there are only six episodes of Sherlock. By the end of this year, there will be nine. A small body of work to attach such a huge fandom to, except that the TV show is itself a work of fanfiction for the earlier SHERLOCK HOLMES books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

In trying to get my mind around the links, I came up with the idea of using flowcharts.
I think that it would be neat to create STORY READING CHAINS which links related works of fanfiction into one larger work or collection based upon their similarities in world, details, point of view, etc.
Here is my first attempt.
StoryRelationships photo Sherlock-Story-Relationships1_zps82b9464f.png One of he Chains, I've mentioned before:
His Last Bow--> Intelligence--> The Presbury letters

Another one came to me when I came across a story that could follow one of my stories
Mycroft - Confessions, truth, and lies --> Strong Men Don't Cry by MelMarieSparrow

I'm going to be thinking of this over the next few months.
I have an image in my head of stories overlaying stories, but I can't imagine this software could handle that.
What a huge map it would be to try to link together by causality all of the stories on one fan site alone. It would be phenomenal.
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Vidding mostly involves making music videos of fan shows. Some are just illustrations of fan works, and some have themes or explore character. Some even change the stories or characters to new alternate forms, but I find some of the most interesting works are when someone uses video clips to tell a story that is new.

Exile Vilify by felixfelicius was one such story.
It told of John's sadness after the fall and how Sherlock was in town trying not to be seen while still watching over John.

Well, the second part recently came out , so I've posted it here.

Fandom is a form of communication and not simply imitation. Yes the elements come from the show, but the ideas and the actions are creating something new.

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There is a Sherlock fandom specific art form called the 221B Drabble.
It has exactly 221 words, with the last one beginning with B.

I like them because they are short, and yet can include so much story and emotion.
Even if you are hesitant about entering a new fandom, don't fear these little story jewels.

I'm going to start showcasing a few 221B's here from time to time.

Three today.

1. Denouement by thedragonaunt

A little story about waiting for someone that you care about.

2. Alpha and Omega by John'sarmylady

A series of short and beautiful 221B's all unique.


3. The stranger and other drabbles by Alessnox
Three stories by me. One sci-fi, one emotional, and one humorous.

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Here I am, returned to the month of March.
Now it's time to announce my plans which may or may not succeed.
After reading the rules for Amplifacathon, I have forgone trying to come out with a recording of my John/Lock story Moving in preference to my crossover story Molly in Wonderland .

My problem being that I abandoned the story and never finished it.

And so, I am planning to write the ending to the story this week, record it, and upload it.
Wish me luck

When I tried to post this entry, I got an error message saying that I was trying to post an entry before the last one.
Will I need to wait until April 6 to post again?

Oh no!

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