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Have you ever had an idea for a fic that is so horrible that you know you are likely to write it.
One just hit me today, and I just need one person to tell me NO! so I won't.

It is Holmescest, but it is a triangle.

Jealous of Sherlock and John's domestic bliss, Eurus decides that she wants a baby as smart as her. She decides that the only way to get it is if one of brothers is the father.

The fic's title is:
Eurus always gets what she wants

Please stop me. Stop me now before it is too late.

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Episode 12 - (Enchantment and Devotion)

Time: 16 minutes and 46 seconds

Fic recs:
Fandom: Sherlock
I wake up and I wake up and you're still dead by
The Madness Of Angels by
Fandom: Merlin
We Are All Diamonds by

The Student Prince
by Fay Jay
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Episode 11- (Point Of View)

Time: 22 minutes and 5 seconds

The divide between Fan fiction and Professional Writers

Fandom: Sherlock

Fiction Rec:

These Violent Delights by Pasiphile


The Progress of Sherlock Holmes by Ivy Blossom read by Cellar_Door

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In an effort to increase respect for fanfiction, Sherlock BBC Fic Recs and Fuck Yeah teenlock are presenting the first ever HOLMSIES award for Sherlock fanfiction. Voting continues until September 1, 2014
(Please spread)

"The Holmsies," the fanfic awards co-hosted by fuckyeahteenlock and sherlockbbcficrecs, check this tag: The Holmsies.

This Tumblr features NSFW content including fanart and NC-17 or Explicit rated fics.

We're high functioning fangirls, do your research.

Hi all!

After months of reading through the THOUSANDS of amazing fics that were submitted to the Holmsies, we’re happy to finally let you know that we’re ready to announce nominations and accept votes.

Nominations were decided by the mods of fuckyeahteenlock and sherlockbbcficrecs. The maximum number of nominations per category is five, but some categories have fewer fics - these categories had fewer submissions than others, and we didn’t feel it would be fair to always include five for every category (e.g., if there were only seven submitted total).

As a reminder from when we started the Holmsies, all the fics on the list should have less than 25,000 hits on AO3 and less than 250 reviews/comments on any other forum - we did calculate hits as of when we received the submissions a few months ago, so there are a small number of fics that have crossed that limit since. They’re still included in the nominations.

You’re always welcome to give us feedback in the notes based on your experience engaging with this contest this year, and we’ll do our best to incorporate the most-often-stated comments when we do this the next time around.

You can access the Google form that we will be using to collect votes HERE. Only one submission per person, please - if you’d like to edit your votes after you’ve finished, you must save the link provided once you hit “submit.” We CANNOT find this for you later!

Read more... )

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Midnight Fic Obsession 9 - Investigation


Episode 9 - (Investigation)

Podcast Recs:

Mugglenet Academia
Ficthropology Podcasts

Fic Rec:

London Orbital by merripestin


Ein Zimmer Mit Bad by Breathedout

read by Consulting-smartass and zwischendenstuehlen


Midnight Fic Obsession 9 - Investigation
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Mummy Holmes

Mummy Holmes

One of the biggest areas of contention in the Sherlock fandom is the character of Mummy Holmes. Who is this woman who raised not one, but two genius sons? The oddness of their personalities, and the uniqueness of their separate forms of genius imply that they came from a very strange, severe, and possibly even an abusive family background, yet when we see Mummy Holmes she is unremarkable, ordinary even.

Up until season three, she was only alluded to as in this exchange between Sherlock and Mycroft in A Study in Pink.

Mycroft: "This petty feud between us is simply childish. People will suffer. And you know how it always upset Mummy"

Sherlock: "I upset her? Me? It wasn't me that upset her, Mycroft."

It isn't until season three that we see her. She is sitting in Sherlock's sitting room rattling on about his father losing his glasses down the back of the couch. Mummy Holmes is introduced as a chatty character, almost silly. When John mentions how ordinary Sherlock's parents are, he replies that it is a cross that he has to bear.

Sherlock obediently listens to her, but finds a way to get rid of her as soon as possible. He kicks her out when John arrives, but then she places a foot in the door and refuses to leave until she gets him to promise that he will call. This suggest that she is not a complete pushover. Mummy is clearly shown as the dominant parent in the family. Their father mostly smiles and echoes back the words that she says.

Sherlock with his parents

Sherlock and Mycroft clearly have issues with their parents ordinariness, as evidenced by their dislike for spending time with them. See the phone call about Les Miserables (a telling name) being like torture when spent with their parents, as well as Mycroft's mocking comments about Sherlock's drug problems disturbing his parent's line dancing.

In The sign of three, Sherlock states that his mother "Understands very little." And that he and Mycroft have enough issues with her to elicit separate lists of her problems.

"I have a list. Mycroft has a file."

Many in the fandom felt that the sheer ordinariness of Mummy Holmes was offensive. It was as if they were using Sherlock and Mycroft's parents as a joke. There were references to the show Frasier where, as I understand it, the children had aspirations above their parents. These parents couldn't possibly raise these children, they say, and point instead to a host of fanfics which explain away Sherlock's asexuality and Mycroft's overprotectiveness with absentee parents. Mummy Holmes as portrayed is said to be just too weak to raise Sherlock, much less Mycroft.

In The Last Vow, the Holmes are shown having a typical Christmas Dinner with the Watsons, as any normal family might do. There are facts which suggest that this is not at all typical, however. For one thing, Mycroft disrupts this cosy domestic scene exclaiming "Why are we doing this? We never do this." Which is supported by our previous view of a Holmes Christmas night when Mycroft and Sherlock meet at the morgue to view Irene Adler's body. They imply that other than a phone call, they typically had no family celebrations on that date. At least not as adults. 1

We learn, in this episode, that Sherlock's mother left a career in Mathematics to raise her sons. We also learn that she is a genius. All of these facts combine make for a contradiction of a person. How can Mummy Holmes be both a loving mother of two genius sons, someone that they compete to please, and yet someone they both greatly resent? The most likely explanation is that the writers changed her character as they went along, but assuming that the character makes sense. What is Mummy Holmes really like?

No Shy Violet

Evidence is that Mummy Holmes is no shrinking violet. When Sherlock tried to push his parents out of the flat, she stopped him with a foot in the door. This is not the act of a passive person. Mummy Holmes is no Mrs Hudson. She is clearly mistress of her own household, and her boys tow the line around her, as evidenced by the time when she finds them smoking and gives them a stern look.

Mummy is not amused

Despite all of their talk, she is still their Mummy and they do try to please her. So how do we reconcile these vastly disparate images of the woman who raised the two most brilliant men of their generation? Here is my theory.

Mummy Holmes' Guide to Childrearing

I was listening to the Philosophize This podcast on Plato, when Steven West described Plato's views on government. Here is my summary of what he said.

Plato's Utopia of the Aristocracy:

A just city and a well working human being have three parts.

1. The appetite (desire for sex or money) - represented by the producers or workers
2. The spirit (wants honor or notoriety) - comparable to the guardians - The police and the nobles
3. The rational (desires knowledge) - e.g. The ruling classes

A good ruler must be raised perfectly. He must be taught not to value appetite or notoriety above knowledge. He should not let his desire for food, sex, fame, or glory overtake him, but he should make decisions based on reason. He would be trained to see the world the way it is. To value truth. He would be exposed only to stories that would teach him the correct values. According to Plato, this is the way to make the best rulers.

Sherlock's mother was a mathematician. In academia, mathematicians are believed to be the most abstract thinkers. If anyone would look to Plato for guidance in raising her sons, it would be a mathematician like Mummy Holmes. Imagine that she decided to raise her sons as philosopher kings. Mycroft himself described Sherlock this way.

"He has the mind of a philosopher or a scientist. What does that say about his heart?"

Evidence in support of Platonic Childrearing:

1. Mycroft says, "We both thought you were an idiot, that is until we met other children."

Children in Britain go to school at four or five. In canon, Mycroft Holmes is seven years older than his brother. How could he not have met other children?

Perhaps Mummy Holmes found a way to keep him home when he was young to make sure that he was not unduly influenced by others. This suggests that rather than an absentee parent, she was perhaps a bit overprotective of both her sons. This is supported by the heavy-handed way that Mycroft looks after his brother. Perhaps he learned such techniques at his mother's knee, so to speak.

2. Sherlock knows nothing about popular culture, movies, or TV.

This suggests his exposure to popular culture was severely restricted in youth. John is the one who introduced him to trash TV.

3. Sherlock and Mycroft greatly value rational thought.

This is obvious. Even their childhood game of deduction is a competition to see who can be the most clever.

4. Both Sherlock and Mycroft deny their appetites.

Sherlock lives the life of the ascetic. He rarely eats. He does not engage in sex or desire power or luxury, yet he has money to buy very expensive clothes. He wears the best, but his cuts are modest and conservative. Other than his coat, he is not proud or showy in his dress like Moriarty.

When Sherlock chides Mycroft, what does he chide him on? His appetite,and later we see Mycroft exercising even though his weight is not extreme.

What does Mycroft chide Sherlock on? His compassion and desire for affection. (Caring is not an advantage). Neither if them are married. Neither of them even date. And when their mother visits, she does not mention that fact. (A bit strange for someone who is the right age to be a grandmother.)

5. A respect for order and government

This is most obvious in Mycroft who is described by the phrase, "He is the British government."

Sherlock is less respectful of the laws of society, but he works inside the system with the police, unlike Moriarty who is a law unto himself, and an agent of chaos and anarcy.

6. They share a belief in truth.
If there is anything that defines Sherlock Holmes, it is his unearing belief in the power of the rational mind to explain the world. Sherlock's job as a detective is all about finding out the truth about a crime. Mycroft's back room dealings imply an understanding of the real avenues of power, as opposed to the appearances. Neither of them is afraid to call out the other if they attempt to lie.

What better legacy could a mathematician give her children than the power to see past the lies of society and find the truth.In my opinion, Mummy Holmes will always be a woman who believed in great ideals and enforced them on her children to create the exceptional adults that they have become.

1. Christmas as a family get together is both refuted and supported by the story. Mycroft did say, "You can imagine the Christmas dinners."  And Sherlock says twice, "Oh, It's Christmas!" implying that Sherlock associates Christmas with having fun, although fun for Sherlock may not be the same as it is for most people.

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Episode 7 - (Longing)
Time: 16 minutes and 31 seconds
Rec: The Adventures of a Single Girl in London (Plus a Consulting Detective) by earlgreytea68

Podfic: The Presbury letters
podfic read by mific.

Written by Katieforsythe .

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Episode 3 (Inspiration)
Time:9 minutes and 8 seconds
The newest episode explores Inspiration, from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss to the Sherlock fandom.
Heavenly Day by felixfelicius
Fall Now by Katrina Depp
Adamant by Alessnox
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Episode 2 - Taboo is up.

Time: 12 min. 5 sec

A cure for boredom by Emma Grant 01

Going Pro Fanfiction to pro forum

The Physics of Present Tense by Pax Lux read by zwischendenstuehlen

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In the spirit of the Snowflake challenge, I decided to try something new.
Noticing an absence of podcasts that discuss fan fiction, I decided to make my own.
Midnight Fic Obsession
The Midnight Obsession Podcast

The first episode has fics from the SHERLOCK fandom related to the hiatus and the return.
At about 5 minutes it won't take much of your time, so please drop by and give it a listen. I appreciate your support.


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Now, I haven't seen the last episode of Season 3 of Sherlock yet, "His Last Vow", however, if what happens is what happens in canon then Mary will not survive it. So this is the perfect time for stories about John getting over Mary's death. Therefore I recommend this story, What he deserves. This is a post-hiatus Sherlock/John fic where Mary dies and John is heartbroken.

John Watson seems to bear more than his fair share of Angst in the Sherlock Universe, so it is nice when there is at least some form of happiness in the end. Another excellent read by Consulting Smartass. Check it out.

What He Deserves
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Mary Morstan/John Watson
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Grief/Mourning, Canonical Character Death, Post-Reichenbach, First Time/First Kiss
Length: 1:29:43

Referred from: fuckyeah johnlock podfics

Listen (mp3)
Download (mp3)

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Everyone in the Sherlock Fandom had to take a breath just to soak in the data from two new episodes after two years of waiting. Now the new works are starting to come out. Here are some videos based on Season 3 of Sherlock.

Stag Night by FelixFelicius
A light, humorous overview of the John and Sherlock on his stag night.

I can't get enough by Felixfelicius
Covering some of our favorite moments from the first episode.
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By now many of you Sherlock fans will have heard about Benedict Cumberbatch's notorious Reddit interview. This largely male dominated internet site was overrun by female fans when he was featured on the "ask me anything" internet interview.

Although he had a long and detailed response to questions about his portrayal of Julian Assange, the thing that most people remembered is one snarky comment.

The question was asked, "Do you, Matt smith, and Tom Hiddleton have cheek bone polishing parties?"
His answer was, "We like nothing better than buffing our Zygoma. And imagining a horny time traveling long overcoat purple scarf wearing super sleuth nordic legend fuck fantasy. Get to work on that, internet."

Well I'm not the kind of girl to let such a challenge rest unanswered, so I've written a new fan fic.

Benedict's horny, time-traveling, long overcoat, purple scarf wearing, super-sleuth, nordic-legend, f*ck fantasy adventure

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So as the summer comes to a close, I find myself still in the midst of trying to record. I took on the, possibly insane, task of attempting to record The Quiet Man by Ivyblossom. Why?
Because everytime I go to my podfic library, I wonder why it isn't there to listen to. Sometimes you just have to solve problems yourself.

Ivyblossom says that it has been attempted before, but nothing was published. Working on it, I realize why. It seems deceptively simple. The story takes place almost entirely inside of the mind of John Watson, so you would think that it is simple. Just read what he is thinking, but not so, no not so at all.

John Watson's mind is incredibly complex.
First, he thinks so fast, there are paragraphs of monologue between one outside action and the next. Does this mean that we should read this quickly to fit the passage of time, or slowly? Then there are the voices.
1. Outside voices:
John and those he interacts with, his psychiatrist, Ella, his sister, Mrs Hudson, etc.
2. Inside voices
John's thoughts being the primary ones, but also John's voice as he talks to his imaginary image of Sherlock, and that is to be distinguished from his actual memories of events between Sherlock and himself.

It becomes a bit of a zoo to separate them. There are three different voices for John, and to start with two different voices for Sherlock. Eventually there will be three, and it will be important to tell them apart.

I am trying to do the separation simply with my voice and mic technique. I'm considering whether or not I need to use special effects for this. What do I mean? Let me give you an example.


1.You’re a very lonely man, I think. People need connection, physical touch. It’s not anything untoward. You are still a human being, whatever you may want other people to think of you. I know the truth. You’re not a machine. You’re more like a cat needing to be stroked; you like it when I touch your hair.

2.“You like it too.”

3. Do I? I suppose I do. It’s nice. Being able to.The way your eyes flicker shut. Pleasure on your face. I don’t know. It’s nice. What? Is that strange?

4. “You should have kissed me.” Goldfinger theme music is playing in the background.

“5. What? Why?”

6. “Because you wanted to.” Did I? I don’t remember that. You pick up the remote control and turn the volume down a little. That’s a real memory, not an altered one; you didn’t like the music. 7. Too discordant, you said. Bad audio quality. It’s like a screeching harpy in a thunderstorm. I laughed; I laughed a lot with you. I haven’t laughed in months.

8. “You could kiss me now.”

1. is John's normal voice. The voice of his thoughts that narrates the work. I do this by talking directly into the mike.
2. Is Sherlock's voice. The imaginary Sherlock that John talks to in his head. I do this by talking past the mike and deepening my voice.
3. Is John talking back to the imaginary Sherlock. I do this by talking past the mike.
4. This combines Imaginary Sherlock and Narrator John.
5. John talking to Imaginary Sherlock.
6. Imaginary Sherlock and John with a section of John quoting Sherlock in the past. What voice should I use for quoting Sherlock in the past? John's voice? John's voice with Sherlock's cadence? Imaginary Sherlock's voice?
8. Imaginary Sherlock again.

As you can see, this is incredibly complex, and this is only 8 lines of one chapter of a work with 58 chapters. It's hard enough just figuring out who is saying what without attempting to make them all sound different. Well, different but identifiable. I try, but I'm overcome with doubt, and that makes it very difficult to keep going.

Oh, and by the way, this is a call for beta listeners. I really could use help to know if the work is at all understandable.
Just pm me.
I could really use the help.

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Title: Mycroft:Confessions, Truth, and Lies Chapter 1 (Confessions)
Author: Alessnox
Reader: Alessnox
Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing: Mycroft/John
Original work:
Summary: Being a steward of the British Nation is hard work, but not, it seems, as hard as taking care of his wild-child younger brother Sherlock. When his loner brother suddenly takes a flatmate, Mycroft wonders what is happening, and who is this Dr. John H. Watson

Work In Progress
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I've finally got around to starting the podfic for Mycroft - Confessions, Truth, and Lies.
One of my most popular works. A story that traces Season 1 and 2 of the Sherlock (TV) series from the point of view of Mycroft's brother, with a little romance and angst thrown in.

Suggestions for improvement, and praise are both appreciated.

Work: Mycroft - Confessions, Truth, and Lies
Author: Aless Nox
Original work ffNet or AO3
Summary: Being a steward of the British Nation is hard work, but not, it seems, as hard as taking care of his wild-child younger brother Sherlock. When his loner brother suddenly takes a flatmate, Mycroft wonders what is happening, and who is this Dr. John H. Watson.

Chapter 1 - Confessions

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One thing that always amazes me is the breadth of emotion that can be expressed in fanfiction. Here are my recommendations for two different podfics that induce very different emotions in the listener.
Rated T for language and mature concepts such as suicide. No explicit sex, but sex is implied in the second.

When his hour will come


After Sherlock's suicide and his own sister's death, John must take care of his sister's child alone.

In this story, John loses first Sherlock and then his sister, but instead of being left alone with his sorrow, he is the sole guardian of his sister's child, Ava, and must care for her. When past enemies pursue him, he must try to find a way to keep his daughter safe in a world where it is increasingly harder to get by.

This story is heartbreaking, and relentless, but very good. I just recently found that it has a sequel and I am hoping that things pick up for John and Ava in the future.



Part two of the Not Your Average Threesome series by Thirdbird. After John Watson gets kidnapped for the fifty-seven-zillionth time, Sherlock won't let him out of his sight even going so far as to sleep in the same bed. This puts a bit of a damper on John's new romantic relationship with Gregory Lestrade.

This one is funny, with enough serious bits to make the comedy work, and the most surprising part is how completely fine John is with being in the center of a threesome where one partner is asexual. It's light hearted and helps chase the doldrums away.

Both podfics are highly recommended.

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Quote: "I created a website while you were talking in your sleep about cake."

First let it be said that I hate incest fics. Incest sets off all of my squick warnings. The closest to an incest fic that I can usually get to is something like Fruitsbasket where the incest or implied incest gives a creepy, malevolent background story. This being said...

The physics of present tense

The Physics of Present Tense

is the closest thing that I have ever seen to a incest!yeah fic. I downloaded this podfic and was surprised to find that it was in 10 parts. Going back, I found that it is four hours and forty one minutes long! Nevertheless, since I enjoy long form podfics, and I was in a good mood, I banished my husband from the room and began to listen to it.

It happens instantaneously, but it takes years. It’s like looking up at the stars and spinning around with your arms out and letting gravity take you.

The story is seductive and interesting starting before Sherlock is born and passing year by year until we get to the series. A complete backstory for the Sherlock Mycroft relationship which informs us about things such as the skull, Victor Trevor, Mycroft and Lestrade, Sally Donovan, and the brothers' verbal sparring. Sometimes it seems like voyeurism. Sometimes it is immersive, thrusting us into a forbidden relationship that seems so very all-enveloping and intense.

The language is poetic. A susurrus of words that pool and form a story of an affection that grows, perhaps, a bit too narcissistic. Time passes quickly at first with little glimpses of their lives. Mycroft is the main character, but we jump from his point of view to that of his brother between chapters to show that this is more of an equal relationship than it may appear at first.

Mycroft is a believable character, in temperament he appears much as he is in the show. Sherlock borders on insanity. I'd say that he's the closest to being OOC although there isn't anything that I can point to off the top of my head to show this fact. This can be used to explain Mycroft's obsessive protectiveness of his brother which includes using spy cameras and paying off his friends. It explains the cake barbs and why Mycroft must be present after Sherlock almost gets himself killed. A very well thought out and complete world view that just serves to point out how curved-in their world is on itself. Besides being "men of the world", it seems as if the two of them only really see each other most of the time which also serves to explain why neither brother dates.

Although it doesn't look it, they form a united front. Sherlock's wildness serves as a release for Mycroft preventing his boredom. Mycroft's solidity and power protects Sherlock and allows him to do what he wants. As a character study it is an intoxicating work and I salute for such a well realized work.


It's hard to believe that this is zwischendenstuehlen's first podfic. The production values on this work are just excellent. As someone who struggles to make halfway decent podfics myself, I can appreciate the clear quality of the sound, the interweaving of the story with music and sound effects, and the clear separation of voices required to make this work. zwischendenstuehlen has a beautiful voice. She reads very well. The fact that this is not her native language may be one reason that she speaks slowly and with good intonation, making this an enjoyable story to listen to. The only problems were the mispronunciation of some words that made me silently re-say the words properly in my head, and one verbal glitch that is less than is found in most works that I have listened to. Overall, it has a very good sound, and I will probably listen to this more than once, which considering the subject is saying something.

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The Presbury Letters by katieforsythe
Sherlock Holmes; holmes/watson
cover by mific

mp3 106 MB
m4b 54.1 MB

notes: This features Holmes, Watson and Mycroft. Set some time after The Lucky One, during WWI. Parted by war, Holmes and Watson write to each other.
This proved unexpectedly tricky to record, due to the need to convey writing and reading letters, and even censored sections in letters. I'd love feedback on how it turned out.


I just heard the podfic and it is absolutely beautiful. Set in WWI with an older Holmes and Watson separated by the war sending letters to each other. Heartbreaking and gorgeous in it's imagery with a compassionate Mycroft. It has a beautiful fraternal vibe and is very romantic.

Strongly recommended.
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I wrote a long post about how crossposting stories both gives you an opportunity to get praise from new readers, and can break your heart.

A testament to the poor luck that one has when one is full of self-pity is that I pushed the wrong button, and the entire post was erased.

I count it as a judgment by fate.

Instead, I will recommend two Fanfics that are currently in production and are insanely good. Both are on Archive of our own.

Crown and Consort by

Merlin (TV)

Third of series. Modern day Merlin/Arthur fic.


All the Best and Brightest Creatures by

Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms

AU Sherlock/John introduction where Moriarty has been imprisoned and continually sends death threats to Sherlock, while Sherlock must deal with the fact that Asexual though he is, he has fallen in love at first sight.

Check them out.

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