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Title: Sherlock's Love Letters
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/Victor Trevor
Rating: Mature
Genre: Science, Romance, Break-up, First Time, Poetry, Poesy
Length: 14 minutes 45 seconds

Story: Sherlock Holmes was not always the emotionless robot that he likes people to think he was. There was a time in University when he was in love. Poetic memoirs of his romance with upperclassman Victor Trevor.

Source file:

I hadn't made a podfic in a very long time, but earlier this week I went out and made a short one of a lesser read fic of mine called Sherlock's love letters and I realized that I am having a very bad crisis.

I am seeing all of the flaws in my stories, and thinking that podding is a waste of time. I begin to see why it may be better if someone other than the author reads their work. If you are doubting your skill, then it hurts to second-guess yourself.

I'm at the point where I look at my story and think that it's all crap. I was always very sensitive about my poetry, and this story was a kind of poetry or poesy at least. Also, if I try to read it emotionally, it seems like I am overacting terribly.

What do you do when you shudder to upload your work because you're afraid of mythical people sitting around saying. "What is that crap that you're listening to?"
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Sherlock fandom, I made this podfic just for you.

Dedicated to Bloody Muggles and SammyKatz
in case of emergency
Title: In case of Emergency
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Characters: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson
Story found at:
Download from HERE

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I finally finished with part 1 of the Quiet man. I am incredibly proud of it.
15 chapters
Almost 4 hours

The Quiet Man -Part 1
Written by Ivyblossom and Read by Alessnox

zipped folder

Here are a couple of sample chapters to give you a taste.

Source: The Quiet Man by Ivy Blossom

Chapter 1 - Forty three minutes

Chapter 9 - A Romantic Notion

Will Upload ASAP

Thanks to My Awesome Betas




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