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Here is my next installment.

Chapter 18 The Magician

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This was a hard one to make.
I recorded it over a year ago, and some of the sounds had been mangled during recording.
I added effects and I think it's good.

Wish me luck on the rest.

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As the year closes. I find that I have finally gotten around to editing together some old podfic tapes.

Here is chapter 16 of Volume 2 of The Quiet Man. I'd appreciate anyone who feels up to beta-ing this work.
I recorded the voices a year ago, and I don't think I can record at the same quality, so word changes are difficult, and I made a mistake in the very first sentence, but I'd still love the feedback.

I am also not sure of the balance as my good earphones are lost.
Comments greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The Quiet Man-Volume 2 Chapter 16 The Bellweather

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