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Now I heard this story and liked it, but this version of the podfic has a male reader which makes it much more rare in this fandom.

Phil Coulson is Not the Avenger's Public Relations Manager
by scifigrl47
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I made a new podcast (Midnight Fic Obsession) for international podfics day.
I have samples of some of my favorite works.

Hope you like it.
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Here is my next installment.

Chapter 18 The Magician

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This was a hard one to make.
I recorded it over a year ago, and some of the sounds had been mangled during recording.
I added effects and I think it's good.

Wish me luck on the rest.

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As the year closes. I find that I have finally gotten around to editing together some old podfic tapes.

Here is chapter 16 of Volume 2 of The Quiet Man. I'd appreciate anyone who feels up to beta-ing this work.
I recorded the voices a year ago, and I don't think I can record at the same quality, so word changes are difficult, and I made a mistake in the very first sentence, but I'd still love the feedback.

I am also not sure of the balance as my good earphones are lost.
Comments greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The Quiet Man-Volume 2 Chapter 16 The Bellweather

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Episode 11- (Point Of View)

Time: 22 minutes and 5 seconds

The divide between Fan fiction and Professional Writers

Fandom: Sherlock

Fiction Rec:

These Violent Delights by Pasiphile


The Progress of Sherlock Holmes by Ivy Blossom read by Cellar_Door

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Here I am, returned to the month of March.
Now it's time to announce my plans which may or may not succeed.
After reading the rules for Amplifacathon, I have forgone trying to come out with a recording of my John/Lock story Moving in preference to my crossover story Molly in Wonderland .

My problem being that I abandoned the story and never finished it.

And so, I am planning to write the ending to the story this week, record it, and upload it.
Wish me luck

When I tried to post this entry, I got an error message saying that I was trying to post an entry before the last one.
Will I need to wait until April 6 to post again?

Oh no!

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I love podfics, but I must say that they do have their limitations. The porn content being very high, it's hard to find stories that won't lead to extreme mortification if, heaven forbid, the cord should get pulled out so that everyone around you can hear the story. Even a few seconds of some podfics could cause extreme embarrassment if overheard. Many, or perhaps most of them, should only be listened to with ear phones on, and sometimes only when alone in a dark room, but then how can we feed our podfic addiction when around others?

Here are three works which are safe to listen to, even in public.

Almost incendiary eve

A poetic retelling of the Sherlock story. Liner notes include the poem which inspired it.

Curse words: none
Johnlock: none (except to say "The man he loved")

Writer: lbmisscharlie
Reader: the science of obsession

Smooth sounding. May get you weird looks because of the artyness of it. Sounds very literary. Dramatic, bit over the top. Nice dramatic music.

2.5 out of 5 Mostly because I don't like stories that are too Artsy.

You call me like the moon
Writer: etothepii
Reader: themusecalliope

A Sherlock story where John is a werewolf and was part of the K9 unit in Afghanistan. Sherlock finds out.

Caution: One mention of being naked.

A Sherlock/lycanthropy story will probably be weird to most people.

3.5 out of 5 Sort of cute, but I think that werewolves and Sherlock are a weird AU mix.

Writer: ajhall
Reader: fayjay

Sherlock solves a case involving a domestic murder, a young chess whiz, and an antique chess board.

Caution: Parents/guardians accused of murdering each other.

Gotta say I love this one. From the cheesy violin music to Sherlock's snarky comments to the counselor.

4.5 out of 5 True to the spirit of the original stories with a surprising ending.

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