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Title: [Podfic] All My Roads Are Red
Author and Reader: [ profile] alessnox
Fandom: Sherlock (tv)
Time: 36 minutes 19 seconds
Warnings: rape/noncon, underage, domestic violence, violence, canon character death
James Moriarty remembers his mother in the last hours of his life.

Download Link: All My Roads Are Red MP3 
AO3 Link:

I wrote this in a blur in 2015 and two years later I have finally made the podfic. It uses disco and other music (mostly by the BeeGees) to explain James Moriarty's life, death, and his only true love.
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The Quiet man Act II

This is taking years, but I got two chapters up today.

Chapter 21 - Organized Crime
John notices Moriarty's men being jailed while at his book launch.
(This one took forever to edit as I had missing lines. In the end, I just posted it anyway. Sorry.)

Chapter 22 - Erosion
John has a dream where he marries Mary and her Dad, tells a crowd all of his deepest secrets, sleeps with Sherlock, and makes Breakfast for Moriarty

(This one tool lots of work on effects. I found it cool!)

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Last day of Snowflake Challenge, so I'm making it count.

The snowflake challenge is one of the first fandom things that I did to participate in "fandom" rather than just posting a few fics online. It was what prompted me to start my podcast ( and it got me a few friends and recs. So I have fond memories of it.

I've been bummed that my first post in the challenge has occurred on the last day. But I thought that I would post my fandom wish list. These are things that I want to do, but have not yet been able to. If you are willing to help with the podfic, encourage me, or if you have pointers or recommendations, please comment, as I am feeling a bit down today because...emotions.

Anyway, here goes.

1. Writing goals: old business
I have currently over 12 works in progress that I need to finish!
Read more... )
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I've made a new podcast.

Fanfiction is often used to advocate for social change.

Midnight Fic Obsession 19 - Advocacy

Podfic: Phil Colston is not the Avengers Public Relations Manager by scifigrl47

Fandom: Avengers

(Mature Language warning)

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So, with the new computer my podfic process is shot.

This is me getting back on the horse with a podfic of my shortest story.

Title: Battlefield
Fandom: Sherlock
Author / reader: Alessnox

Summary: John remembers the battlefield. A 221B.

Warning: Gore reference to suicide

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This new challenge has dared me to leave feedback on challenges.
Please join and rec stuff too.

Podfic Appreciation Challenge

I have already commented on:

Podfic: all matter

Pre season 3. Wonderful reading of a lyrical, lonely Sherlock story.

Also, I am planning to go through the scotch series, reader: The muse calliope some of which have not been commented on yet.

Title: Der 50. Geburtstag oder Dinner for Five
Author: [personal profile] rodo
Reader(s): [personal profile] podfic_lover

A prequel to the British comedy sketch that has become a German classic. Cool!

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I've started a new podfic.

Reader and author AlessNox

A retelling of Season one of Sherlock BBC from different points of View.

Part 1
Part 2

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Midnight Fic Obsession By Aless Nox
Music: Douce Brise Orientale by CHRISS ONAC.

Audiofic recs:
Users Guide to HYDRAs enhanced manpower asset
author:Rokhal reader:sisi-rambles
Scotch Declined
author:EarlGreytea68 reader:TheMuseCalliope
Everything is Chess
author:EarlGreytea68 reader:TheMuseCalliope

Jimeney went down to Georgia
written and read by Fresne

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As February approaches, lets tell you all what I've been doing.

1. Another episode of midnight fic obsession, with a great podfic, no Audiodrama The Blue Guitar.
Give it a listen.

2. I've been participating in PodfIDIC.

a festival(?) of sorts where a script is put up and podfics are crafted with them at the core.
My last one is a John/Sherlock fic called John's Song.

You can find it on AO3

3. I finished Mycroft-Cypher and am waiting to forget it before doing an editing pass. I already think the ending could be polished a bit more.

4. I'm continuing work on The Quiet Man podfic.

5. And I have some others on the backburner.

I also watched the new Game of Thrones Trailer, and some web shows such as Carmilla and School of Thrones, and I am waiting for the Ravenclaw video from Not Literally.

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I participated in Podfidic (

My story is in the Merlin Fandom, and can be found here.

AO3 The Helm

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Title: Sherlock's Love Letters
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/Victor Trevor
Rating: Mature
Genre: Science, Romance, Break-up, First Time, Poetry, Poesy
Length: 14 minutes 45 seconds

Story: Sherlock Holmes was not always the emotionless robot that he likes people to think he was. There was a time in University when he was in love. Poetic memoirs of his romance with upperclassman Victor Trevor.

Source file:

I hadn't made a podfic in a very long time, but earlier this week I went out and made a short one of a lesser read fic of mine called Sherlock's love letters and I realized that I am having a very bad crisis.

I am seeing all of the flaws in my stories, and thinking that podding is a waste of time. I begin to see why it may be better if someone other than the author reads their work. If you are doubting your skill, then it hurts to second-guess yourself.

I'm at the point where I look at my story and think that it's all crap. I was always very sensitive about my poetry, and this story was a kind of poetry or poesy at least. Also, if I try to read it emotionally, it seems like I am overacting terribly.

What do you do when you shudder to upload your work because you're afraid of mythical people sitting around saying. "What is that crap that you're listening to?"
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Episode 11- (Point Of View)

Time: 22 minutes and 5 seconds

The divide between Fan fiction and Professional Writers

Fandom: Sherlock

Fiction Rec:

These Violent Delights by Pasiphile


The Progress of Sherlock Holmes by Ivy Blossom read by Cellar_Door

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Episode 10 - (Magic, Angst, and Humor)

Time: 10 minutes and 56 seconds

News: The Holmsies Awards - Voting now open for Sherlock Holmes Fan Fiction awards.


Fandom: Sherlock
Story: The Letter of the Lore
Author: Anonymous

Fandom: Sherlock
Story: All Hearts are Broken
Author: Writerfan2013

Podfic selection:

Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (books)

Story: Like a dream

Author: W_a_i_d

Reader: ElaineofShallott (Lady of Misrule)
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New Podfic episode.


For letting me post an episode from Eugenia Watson.

Thus, my diabolical plot is revealed. I just want to put all of my favorite stuff in the podcast so that I can listen to it whenever I want. YEAH!

Episode 5 (Love, A long time coming)


Archive of our own's one millionth work.

A Summer Day So Late In Coming
author: helens78
Fandom: X-men

A Mountain that has been Moved

author: Melfice
Fandom: James Bond (Skyfall)


The blog of Eugenia Watson
Author: Madlori
Reader: Lunchee

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Episode 3 (Inspiration)
Time:9 minutes and 8 seconds
The newest episode explores Inspiration, from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss to the Sherlock fandom.
Heavenly Day by felixfelicius
Fall Now by Katrina Depp
Adamant by Alessnox
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Episode 2 - Taboo is up.

Time: 12 min. 5 sec

A cure for boredom by Emma Grant 01

Going Pro Fanfiction to pro forum

The Physics of Present Tense by Pax Lux read by zwischendenstuehlen

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Now, I haven't seen the last episode of Season 3 of Sherlock yet, "His Last Vow", however, if what happens is what happens in canon then Mary will not survive it. So this is the perfect time for stories about John getting over Mary's death. Therefore I recommend this story, What he deserves. This is a post-hiatus Sherlock/John fic where Mary dies and John is heartbroken.

John Watson seems to bear more than his fair share of Angst in the Sherlock Universe, so it is nice when there is at least some form of happiness in the end. Another excellent read by Consulting Smartass. Check it out.

What He Deserves
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Mary Morstan/John Watson
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Grief/Mourning, Canonical Character Death, Post-Reichenbach, First Time/First Kiss
Length: 1:29:43

Referred from: fuckyeah johnlock podfics

Listen (mp3)
Download (mp3)

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Sherlock fandom, I made this podfic just for you.

Dedicated to Bloody Muggles and SammyKatz
in case of emergency
Title: In case of Emergency
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Characters: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson
Story found at:
Download from HERE

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I finally finished with part 1 of the Quiet man. I am incredibly proud of it.
15 chapters
Almost 4 hours

The Quiet Man -Part 1
Written by Ivyblossom and Read by Alessnox

zipped folder

Here are a couple of sample chapters to give you a taste.

Source: The Quiet Man by Ivy Blossom

Chapter 1 - Forty three minutes

Chapter 9 - A Romantic Notion

Will Upload ASAP

Thanks to My Awesome Betas




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Alright, so we all like writing fanfiction and making podfics etc. It's a passion. It's fun.
But I also have written stories that are not fanfiction but original works. Most of the time no one wants to read original works because they don't know what to expect but this story is special.
My husband liked it and talked people into working with us to produce a FULL CAST AUDIO DRAMA of the work.
See the preview below.

I'd love to hear your comments and suggestion for how we can spread this work and make more. I have an indiegogo fundraiser campaign to burn it to CD and raise money to pay the actors. Please help me spread the word if you can. Thanks.

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