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TITLE: Sherlock Fic: Secrets of Molly
AUTHOR: EmmyAngua
FANDOM: Sherlock (TV)
FORMAT: Short story
LENGTH: 2447 words

SUMMARY: Even after Sherlock tells her who Jim really is and what he's done, she lets him in when he calls on her. Molly decides it’s time she stopped letting Sherlock and Jim read her like a book.

I just read this fic about Molly Hooper changing herself after she finds out that her "boyfriend" Jim was really James Moriarty, and I loved it.

As strange as it may seem, I think that Molly as a "bad girl" is adorable. Although I'm not a fan of risky behavior, I think that Molly really needs to take her hair down from time to time. Molly's real stumbling block is her lack of confidence. Others already see her as someone with a higher degree and very specialized skills, a learned woman, a talented woman, and yet she still sees herself as a girl trying to be good.

In this story Molly becomes a bit harder and a bit more rebellious and when she meets Jim again, she surprises him. Being firm is the only way to live past an encounter with a power hungry man like Moriarty. It also helps explain why Molly wasn't on the list of people that Moriarty would have killed. And the ending was just spot on.

It's funny how easily we discount our own accomplishments. This story reminds us of how small changes can make us feel differently which allows us to change our path in life. It's also a nice change to read a story where Molly doesn't feel like a doormat.

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I'm taking a moment to promote a podfic that I made of one of my stories.

TITLE: Haunting Molly
AUTHOR: Aless Nox
READER: Aless Nox

FANDOM:   Sherlock (BBC)
GENRE:      Horror/Romance/Suspense
PAIRING:    Molly Hooper / James Moriarty / Other
WARNINGS: Disturbing images
RATING:      Teen
LENGTH:    41minutes 45 seconds

Haunting Molly is a story from the point of view of Molly Hooper. It is set after Sherlock's fall. Molly lives alone in her flat with only her cat Toby for company and no new boyfriends since Jim (a.k.a. James Moriarty). When she suddenly starts finding black roses on her pillow every night, she begins to wonder if Jim is really dead. Could it be a ghost? Molly sets out to solve the mystery unaware that she is in mortal danger.

This story was written in 221B's which means that each chapter is exactly 221 words long and ends with a word starting with B. Hopefully this doesn't interfere with the Narrative structure which drives toward a confrontation between Molly and her 'ghost'.

This is my first attempt at doing a podfic. I appreciate any comments, good or bad. Thanks.

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