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The Presbury Letters by katieforsythe
Sherlock Holmes; holmes/watson
cover by mific

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notes: This features Holmes, Watson and Mycroft. Set some time after The Lucky One, during WWI. Parted by war, Holmes and Watson write to each other.
This proved unexpectedly tricky to record, due to the need to convey writing and reading letters, and even censored sections in letters. I'd love feedback on how it turned out.


I just heard the podfic and it is absolutely beautiful. Set in WWI with an older Holmes and Watson separated by the war sending letters to each other. Heartbreaking and gorgeous in it's imagery with a compassionate Mycroft. It has a beautiful fraternal vibe and is very romantic.

Strongly recommended.
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So often we read stories showing Sherlock and John in middle age or younger. But do they live happily ever after? What does that look like? ACD cannon says that Sherlock Holmes retired to the country and took up bee keeping. Here are some stories (all Johnlock) which show an older retirement age Sherlock and John.

The Allure of the English Countryside
written by Stardust-made
Read by Themusecalliope
FANDOM: BBC Sherlock

In this story, Sherlock and John must decide whether or not to retire to the country.


Quote: "Do you have a problem with sheep?"

Written by remy_writes5
Read by vulgarshudder
FANDOM: AU BBC Sherlock/ ACD Sherlock

Sherlock and John meet each other in every one of their reincarnated lives which include both the 19th century and the 21 century Holmes and Watsons.


Quote: “I refuse to stay here and watch you die again. You can’t make me.”

Written by janeturenne
Read by elaineofshalott
FANDOM: ACD Sherlock

A retired Sherlock meets with the head of British Intelligence in his brother's office in the early years of world war I. He is reunited with John Watson after an absence of two years.


Quote: "If you cannot trouble yourself to treat my brother like the gentleman he is, particularly while you are in my presence, I will ruin you, sir."

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