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Have you ever heard the saying, "his eyes are too big for his mouth"? Well that's me. My brain is too big for my time. I feel confident when I start projects, but I've run out of time to finish them.

I suppose that's what life is like. I desire to be a philosopher with words that last for eternity, but in truth, they never do, and we all continue our march toward death. Anyway, finished or not, I'm gonna make this one fun!

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As February approaches, lets tell you all what I've been doing.

1. Another episode of midnight fic obsession, with a great podfic, no Audiodrama The Blue Guitar.
Give it a listen.

2. I've been participating in PodfIDIC.

a festival(?) of sorts where a script is put up and podfics are crafted with them at the core.
My last one is a John/Sherlock fic called John's Song.

You can find it on AO3

3. I finished Mycroft-Cypher and am waiting to forget it before doing an editing pass. I already think the ending could be polished a bit more.

4. I'm continuing work on The Quiet Man podfic.

5. And I have some others on the backburner.

I also watched the new Game of Thrones Trailer, and some web shows such as Carmilla and School of Thrones, and I am waiting for the Ravenclaw video from Not Literally.

Omega This

Aug. 14th, 2014 02:58 am
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Today, I began reading an omega fic, and I am beginning to think that omega stories are some of the scariest ones that I've read in my life.

If you don't know, Alpha, Beta, Omega stories are fan fiction stories that are based loosely on a perceived hierarchy of Wolf politics that has been highly popularized in some circles. In this universe, all people are classed into these three groups whether male or female. These alternate sexes determine who they will mate with, and males are a sort of hermaphrodite with a kind of cloaca as well as a penis.

This strange made up biology means that you can have male pregnancy or mpreg which is one of the stranger things about these stories, and for a long time I looked on these stories with mild amusement and disbelief. But as I have delved deeper into the stories, I become more and more horrified, and here is my take on the psychology of Alpha/ Beta/ Omega politics.


Almost all of the alpha Omega stories that I have seen have a relationship between two men, an Alpha, and an Omega.
The Alpha is dominant and will mount and mate with the Omega. The Omega will submit to being mounted, and will almost always become pregnant from a mating. The Omega goes into heat, and will accept any male at that time. The Alpha will be possessive. Fight for the omega, and bite and scratch her/him during sex. Neither Alphas nor Omegas have any control over their ability to mate. They must mate when the scent (hormones) overtake them.

Alpha/Omega sex seems to me to be the perception of sex as seen by a preteen. Sexual desire is something that they see affecting older youth. As a preteen their bodies will have begun to change, but their minds are still like those of children. They don't understand the desire that others feel, only the outer manifestations of such desire. They see people not much older than themselves going to great lengths to have sex. They see them having sex even when it leads to unwanted pregnancy. They hear stories of people saying, "I just couldn't control myself" and sexual desire becomes an alluring and yet frightening prospect.

For the young girl, sex is a process by which she gets mounted. She may have heard that it will be painful at first, but then she will begin to like it. Having had her period, she understands that bodily secretions from the sex organs are normal, but she may still be confused about what will happen and how.

The alpha/ omega stories are full of bodily secretions for both males and females. Men are seen as indefatigable, desiring sex and willing to impregnate their mates over and over. The females are seen as wanton and may be called derogatory names such as "sluts". Neither of the participants can consciously control their bodies. They are not to blame. They are not at fault. It is all chemistry.

This fantasy allows a person to indulge in sexual desires that they may have been taught was shameful in an acceptable way. They can't control their desires. Sexual desire takes them. They have no control or responsibility for their own actions. Everyone forgives them for it, because there was nothing else that they could do.

Alpha/Omega sex is often violent. It is often nonconsensual. Also, after being forced and usually hurt, they admit to having enjoyed the sex. Afterwards the violence is explained way. "Sorry honey, I didn't mean to hurt you, I just couldn't control myself because you were so hot".


I think that most of the alpha / omega sex stories have two men as protagonists, because having a woman be sexually dominated is too threatening to many women. They need that extra layer of abstraction to get any enjoyment of it. In many cultures, women are taught to fear men. Many women believe that some or even most men would rape them if given a chance. They live in fear of such things, and stories about women being sexually dominated by men are uncomfortable. Stories where men are being violent to men are common, however. Men are used to violence, and they are not women, so although the female reader can empathize with the men, they do not fully identify with them.


Alpha / Omega stories feel sort of tainted to me. They also make me sad. They imply that the cultures that we live in are nowhere near as open and egalitarian as we would wish for. They imply that women still fear sexual violence, and need coping mechanisms to deal with said violence when it occurs. It implies that sexual education is so lacking that many people have their first sexual experiences with very little understanding of the act, and with lots of misinformation and fear.

Because it turns the women on. Even if a woman instinctively knows that being hurt and forced to have sex is wrong, she may still have the desire to be sexually dominated. For many woman, admitting this causes shame.  This abstracted form of sex allows many people to fulfill their desires without having to admit why it turns them on, even to themselves.

The stories also deal with issues of great relevance to women such as pregnancy, family politics, childbirth, child rearing, emotional bonding with mates and children, breast feeding, etc. The absurdity of the sexual biology allows one to discount it saying that it is just fantasy, while still finding meaning in the stories.

I still find myself heavily conflicted by this genre. On the one hand, it is good that women find a way to get sexual fulfillment and to talk about issues that disturb them. On the other hand, it is sad that so many women are emotionally unable to directly talk about these issues due to societal values and shaming. Despite women's advances in the last century, I don't imagine that the need for these stories will be going away any time soon.
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I have posted the first chapter of a new work in celebration, and I'm seriously considering a podcast.

Cheers all.
ao3 1 million

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Know good fic to introduce people to fandoms, media, things that you love.
Please post them here.
I need fodder for my podfic.
So go my pretties. Rec and post and explain why.
Love you all!

fancake banner for round 39 gateway fic: thematic multi-fandom recs
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Vidding mostly involves making music videos of fan shows. Some are just illustrations of fan works, and some have themes or explore character. Some even change the stories or characters to new alternate forms, but I find some of the most interesting works are when someone uses video clips to tell a story that is new.

Exile Vilify by felixfelicius was one such story.
It told of John's sadness after the fall and how Sherlock was in town trying not to be seen while still watching over John.

Well, the second part recently came out , so I've posted it here.

Fandom is a form of communication and not simply imitation. Yes the elements come from the show, but the ideas and the actions are creating something new.

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There is a Sherlock fandom specific art form called the 221B Drabble.
It has exactly 221 words, with the last one beginning with B.

I like them because they are short, and yet can include so much story and emotion.
Even if you are hesitant about entering a new fandom, don't fear these little story jewels.

I'm going to start showcasing a few 221B's here from time to time.

Three today.

1. Denouement by thedragonaunt

A little story about waiting for someone that you care about.

2. Alpha and Omega by John'sarmylady

A series of short and beautiful 221B's all unique.


3. The stranger and other drabbles by Alessnox
Three stories by me. One sci-fi, one emotional, and one humorous.

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Fandom Snowflake Challenge Day 14

In your own space, write a love letter to Fandom in general

Writing love letters is embarrassing. It makes me blush all red to think about it. I read the post and I knew that I would pass this up because fandom... it isn't something that I have words to describe. I couldn't do it. No.

But then, this morning I woke up early to go to the bathroom. As I was returning I saw a fan fiction story on my computer screen. I ran my eyes across it. A light glance, soft, just taking a look, and I wanted to read it. I glanced at the clock. It was an hour until my alarm would go off, so I sauntered over and sat down. I clicked the mouse caressing the slider down the page as I read.

The words filled my eyes with wonder. Sweet sensations of joy as the story tickled my senses. I leaned closer. I am embarrassed to confess that the story was a bit titillating. It made me feel warm. My eyes flowed down the page slowly, sensually, sucking it all in. It was beautiful. It was arousing.

I kept going down, and down, and down the page. I looked at the scrollbar pleased that I was only halfway finished. Pleased that there was so much more left for me to see, to feel. Then my alarm went off. I laughed out loud.

How often in the morning I have heard that alarm go off and groaned or even cursed. Today I laughed because I was so pleased, so happy to have spent some time with a work of fiction that I loved. Fan fiction is a work of love. Why hide it. How often have I been out waiting for the the time when I can come back to it. Peeking at it briefly at lunchtime or during breaks. Coming home to find it waiting for me, and knowing that there is always something new. Always something fresh there for me. Amazing.

I can't tell you how much happier it made me to find a world of stories and podcasts and people like me who read it, who write it, and who love it. It's embarrassing. I drop my eyes and my cheeks flush as I say, "I love you."

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