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This is what it is like reading fluffy Sherlock fanfic.

John comes into the flat, sees something Sherlock did, and gets angry or exasperated. 
Clever banter.
Some kind of truce.
Pleasant domestic scenes punctuated by an escalation of the initial problem.
Someone points out to John that his situation is SO GAY!
John agrees and confronts Sherlock.

Now I'm not arguing, but there is a kind of disconnect to find something so soft and amusing that you can read it to your four year old as a bedtime story only to be shocked when the male parts come into play (usually very messily all over the thing that started the argument in the first case). And yet, I see this pattern again and again.

When I think of the difference between movie sex scenes and fan fiction, this difference stands out. The desire for sweet sex between people who've known each other a long time as opposed to hot sex between strangers.

I need to start cataloging the differences so that I can write a blog about it.
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My computer has been broken, and I've been off the site for about a month.

I'm back with a new computer that is optimized for sound production.
I have an ultra quiet case fan, a fanless powersupply, and updated multimedia software packages so I will soon be up and making podfics again.

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This new challenge has dared me to leave feedback on challenges.
Please join and rec stuff too.

Podfic Appreciation Challenge

I have already commented on:

Podfic: all matter

Pre season 3. Wonderful reading of a lyrical, lonely Sherlock story.

Also, I am planning to go through the scotch series, reader: The muse calliope some of which have not been commented on yet.

Title: Der 50. Geburtstag oder Dinner for Five
Author: [personal profile] rodo
Reader(s): [personal profile] podfic_lover

A prequel to the British comedy sketch that has become a German classic. Cool!

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Got a mention in the Organization for Transformative Works newsletter!
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I've started a new podfic.

Reader and author AlessNox

A retelling of Season one of Sherlock BBC from different points of View.

Part 1
Part 2

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Midnight Fic Obsession By Aless Nox
Music: Douce Brise Orientale by CHRISS ONAC.

Audiofic recs:
Users Guide to HYDRAs enhanced manpower asset
author:Rokhal reader:sisi-rambles
Scotch Declined
author:EarlGreytea68 reader:TheMuseCalliope
Everything is Chess
author:EarlGreytea68 reader:TheMuseCalliope

Jimeney went down to Georgia
written and read by Fresne

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Now I heard this story and liked it, but this version of the podfic has a male reader which makes it much more rare in this fandom.

Phil Coulson is Not the Avenger's Public Relations Manager
by scifigrl47
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I made a new podcast (Midnight Fic Obsession) for international podfics day.
I have samples of some of my favorite works.

Hope you like it.
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As February approaches, lets tell you all what I've been doing.

1. Another episode of midnight fic obsession, with a great podfic, no Audiodrama The Blue Guitar.
Give it a listen.

2. I've been participating in PodfIDIC.

a festival(?) of sorts where a script is put up and podfics are crafted with them at the core.
My last one is a John/Sherlock fic called John's Song.

You can find it on AO3

3. I finished Mycroft-Cypher and am waiting to forget it before doing an editing pass. I already think the ending could be polished a bit more.

4. I'm continuing work on The Quiet Man podfic.

5. And I have some others on the backburner.

I also watched the new Game of Thrones Trailer, and some web shows such as Carmilla and School of Thrones, and I am waiting for the Ravenclaw video from Not Literally.

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Here is my next installment.

Chapter 18 The Magician

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I participated in Podfidic (

My story is in the Merlin Fandom, and can be found here.

AO3 The Helm

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This was a hard one to make.
I recorded it over a year ago, and some of the sounds had been mangled during recording.
I added effects and I think it's good.

Wish me luck on the rest.

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As the year closes. I find that I have finally gotten around to editing together some old podfic tapes.

Here is chapter 16 of Volume 2 of The Quiet Man. I'd appreciate anyone who feels up to beta-ing this work.
I recorded the voices a year ago, and I don't think I can record at the same quality, so word changes are difficult, and I made a mistake in the very first sentence, but I'd still love the feedback.

I am also not sure of the balance as my good earphones are lost.
Comments greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The Quiet Man-Volume 2 Chapter 16 The Bellweather

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I like to think that I am good at endings, but my beginnings often need work.  Here are some first paragraphs from my FanFiction stories that are currently unfinished. I'm thinking that if I can improve the beginning, I may be inspired to finish the work.

Hooded in Red
There was a crime wave in the city of London. Robberies, car thefts, even murders were on the rise. It seemed as if all Hell had broken loose since Sherlock Holmes had died. Most people didn't connect the two, but DI Lestrade did. His unsolved case files were almost as large now as his solved ones. Lestrade could honestly say that he missed Sherlock. He knew that he wasn't a fake, even though he saw the articles and the pictures in the paper calling him a trickster, a magician, a Svengali, and accusing him of fooling people, even Scotland Yard, into believing that he could solve crimes.

Huh, sounds a bit unfocused.
Needs to be snappier, tighter. Perhaps with a bit of a film noir feel.
It's a detective work based on a fairy tale (little red riding hood) so it either needs more dark, or more myth.

Mycroft - Cypher

I: 15 June, 2012
Her majesty's location Nottingham, the diamond jubilee, State of Emergency declared in Burma, More requests from the Greek government. Heavy rains predicted. Bring Umbrella.

II: His forced confession had done its job. Mycroft Holmes had received the one thing that the government had always been loathe to give him. Time off. He used that time to make arrangements for Sherlock to leave the country. He had been involved in some delicate negotiations. It wasn't a good time to be distracted from his work, but then again, his little brother always had been a distraction.

This time, however, his interests and Mycroft's were aligned. Moriarty had been a thorn his side time and time again. A chaotic element in the shifts of power that kept the world running smoothly. Who would guess that James Moriarty would have become infatuated with his little brother? Who would have guessed that Sherlock Holmes would allow himself to die to the world, would allow the media to call him an idiot, just to destroy this criminal's network? It was surprising. But then, Sherlock had always been surprising ever since he was a child, back when his greatest ambition was to be a pirate. Although Mycroft would never admit it, Sherlock made his life bearable, because he always had a way of doing the unexpected.

Nice. Has some good points. Starts a bit slow on II. I could probably tighten it up a bit. Cut it down smaller. On the other hand, my chapters are short enough as it is. Hmm. Must think about it.

Silent Night, Deadly night

Sherlock crawled across the tiles. He traced the footprint on the floor with the tip of his finger and then looked up at the aisle. It had been cleared of people, but their remains were still there, their muddy prints, the scuff marks left behind from their frightened exit. Those crowded steps made as they rushed from the room remained, obscuring the path of the one woman that he sought to find. The woman who he had lived in the same flat with for the better part of a month. The woman who was married to his best friend.

This line of investigation was unlikely to yield a useful result, so he rose to his feet and turned to the policeman at his side. Lestrade was on the phone arguing furiously with someone apparently about the decision of the yard to close down one of London's busiest department stores on Christmas eve.

This is the story that wouldn't die. My first story on FFnet was Moving. It was one of the first that I moved to AO3. It spawned two separate sets of sequels with the same name. I was never happy with the ending so I keep rewriting it in the hopes that it will finally work. This is the last chapter, set at Christmas time, so this is a perfect time to end a story series that I began in July of 2012

I like how it starts with action. It gets you wondering what is happening, and the thing about having lived with the woman and her being married to his best friend is even more curious if you haven't followed the previous series. I just recently got a request to finish this work, so I should probably get a move on.

The Black Scorpion
The dark-haired Lieutenant Lestrade stood at attention as the red coated official took the stage to address the crowd. He lifted his parchment and read.

"In the name of the king, an armada of ships will carry a payment of ten thousand gold coins to the King of France as a sign of our continued friendship. In return, the French crown has stated that they will aid us in patrolling our coastal waters. With the combined navies of France and England patrolling the channel, piracy will be a thing of the past, and our waters will once more be at peace."

"Peace? poppycock!" a man in the crowd muttered. "You know that money they are sending to buy off the French king will return to us before long as cannon balls." A number of heads around him nodded. They all stepped back making way as the men marched off of the stage. The man who spoke of cannons bumping into a dirty beggar who was standing behind him.

"Spare a penny, Guv?" said the stooped figure in a dirty brown coat and tattered grey hat that looked like it had been fished from the jaws of several fighting cats. The man walked past without another glance, and the beggar shuffled away stopping for a moment to look up at a poster stuck to a lamp post. It had the picture of a thin man in a long coat with a three cornered hat and a curled black mustache with the words REWARD for SHERLOCK, The Pirate. Captain of the Black Scorpion. DEAD OR ALIVE emblazoned on the base. If one looked closely, one might have imagined that the beggar smiled.

This is my pirate AU because "Why not?"
I left them freezing to death in a cold ocean. Not quite the happy go lucky ending that the story sets out to show.
Cute opening. You can guess who the beggar is can't you. I'm saving this for days when I need something really light.

University Days

Sherlock was finally beginning to settle in at Cambridge. He had been so excited to come, almost ecstatic. Mycroft had remarked on it as they sat down to dinner four months before. He'd said that Sherlock was 'as eager as an English Setter'. He had replied by calling Mycroft fat, but it was true. He had been eager, because he had heard that University was a new start, a place where he would be valued for his intellect. He had moved onto campus with a glee that made him almost appear to be a happy person, and not the morose teen that he had been all those years in Private School.

But in this, as in most things, life had not lived up to his expectations. Sebastian had followed him up from Harrow. He had always been a popular bastard, arrogant, and envious of other's talents. He ended up living in the same house and with his slick smile and thinly concealed hostility for Sherlock, he made sure that all of the old nicknames followed him there.

This is my current obsession. A Sherlock Holmes prequel. I am struggling with how explicit to make it. The way I write, I mean for it to be a bit embarrassing. I find that the more explicit the work is, the more embarrassing it is when things go wrong.

It's a good start. Gets you into Sherlock's emotions quickly. Not sure about the English Setter line, then again, Sherlock wouldn't be an Irish wolfhound or a poodle so....

Anyway. These are my beginning. Comments welcomed.

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Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Characters/Pairing: Original Female Character and Sherlock Holmes
Rating: Teen
Content Notes: Mention of violence. Murder. Mention of prostitution. Homelessness.
Length: 2:02:58
Performer Links: [ profile] AlessNox
Author: Alessnox
If you sit in the right place, you might meet the guy in the long coat and make a little money. Maddy meets Sherlock Holmes planning to make a pound or two, but gets more than she expected.

Fanwork Link(s):

Reccer Notes:
If you want to hear about the work that I am most proud of, it is probably Homeless Maddy.
It was created from a prompt on Mrs Hudson's kitchen to say the words, "Two posh boys who don't know the price of milk", and it sort of exploded into something that became a two hour podfic.

This was the first one where I used effects instead of music, because it fit the story better.
It was an early podfic, and I had to steal time to record it, waking up in the wee hours of the morning and recording with a voice that sounded half-asleep. I also had a thunderstorm interrupt once, but I kept the recording, because it fit the story at that time.

It was a bit of an ordeal to make, and I was very new at podding at the time, so it has problems, but it is my most innovative work, and it has the best original character that I have written so far. I still get people commenting about how much they liked her even though the story was written two years ago.

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Title: Sherlock's Love Letters
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/Victor Trevor
Rating: Mature
Genre: Science, Romance, Break-up, First Time, Poetry, Poesy
Length: 14 minutes 45 seconds

Story: Sherlock Holmes was not always the emotionless robot that he likes people to think he was. There was a time in University when he was in love. Poetic memoirs of his romance with upperclassman Victor Trevor.

Source file:

I hadn't made a podfic in a very long time, but earlier this week I went out and made a short one of a lesser read fic of mine called Sherlock's love letters and I realized that I am having a very bad crisis.

I am seeing all of the flaws in my stories, and thinking that podding is a waste of time. I begin to see why it may be better if someone other than the author reads their work. If you are doubting your skill, then it hurts to second-guess yourself.

I'm at the point where I look at my story and think that it's all crap. I was always very sensitive about my poetry, and this story was a kind of poetry or poesy at least. Also, if I try to read it emotionally, it seems like I am overacting terribly.

What do you do when you shudder to upload your work because you're afraid of mythical people sitting around saying. "What is that crap that you're listening to?"
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Come Rec your works!

Self-Rec Event
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Episode 12 - (Enchantment and Devotion)

Time: 16 minutes and 46 seconds

Fic recs:
Fandom: Sherlock
I wake up and I wake up and you're still dead by
The Madness Of Angels by
Fandom: Merlin
We Are All Diamonds by

The Student Prince
by Fay Jay
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Episode 11- (Point Of View)

Time: 22 minutes and 5 seconds

The divide between Fan fiction and Professional Writers

Fandom: Sherlock

Fiction Rec:

These Violent Delights by Pasiphile


The Progress of Sherlock Holmes by Ivy Blossom read by Cellar_Door

Omega This

Aug. 14th, 2014 02:58 am
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Today, I began reading an omega fic, and I am beginning to think that omega stories are some of the scariest ones that I've read in my life.

If you don't know, Alpha, Beta, Omega stories are fan fiction stories that are based loosely on a perceived hierarchy of Wolf politics that has been highly popularized in some circles. In this universe, all people are classed into these three groups whether male or female. These alternate sexes determine who they will mate with, and males are a sort of hermaphrodite with a kind of cloaca as well as a penis.

This strange made up biology means that you can have male pregnancy or mpreg which is one of the stranger things about these stories, and for a long time I looked on these stories with mild amusement and disbelief. But as I have delved deeper into the stories, I become more and more horrified, and here is my take on the psychology of Alpha/ Beta/ Omega politics.


Almost all of the alpha Omega stories that I have seen have a relationship between two men, an Alpha, and an Omega.
The Alpha is dominant and will mount and mate with the Omega. The Omega will submit to being mounted, and will almost always become pregnant from a mating. The Omega goes into heat, and will accept any male at that time. The Alpha will be possessive. Fight for the omega, and bite and scratch her/him during sex. Neither Alphas nor Omegas have any control over their ability to mate. They must mate when the scent (hormones) overtake them.

Alpha/Omega sex seems to me to be the perception of sex as seen by a preteen. Sexual desire is something that they see affecting older youth. As a preteen their bodies will have begun to change, but their minds are still like those of children. They don't understand the desire that others feel, only the outer manifestations of such desire. They see people not much older than themselves going to great lengths to have sex. They see them having sex even when it leads to unwanted pregnancy. They hear stories of people saying, "I just couldn't control myself" and sexual desire becomes an alluring and yet frightening prospect.

For the young girl, sex is a process by which she gets mounted. She may have heard that it will be painful at first, but then she will begin to like it. Having had her period, she understands that bodily secretions from the sex organs are normal, but she may still be confused about what will happen and how.

The alpha/ omega stories are full of bodily secretions for both males and females. Men are seen as indefatigable, desiring sex and willing to impregnate their mates over and over. The females are seen as wanton and may be called derogatory names such as "sluts". Neither of the participants can consciously control their bodies. They are not to blame. They are not at fault. It is all chemistry.

This fantasy allows a person to indulge in sexual desires that they may have been taught was shameful in an acceptable way. They can't control their desires. Sexual desire takes them. They have no control or responsibility for their own actions. Everyone forgives them for it, because there was nothing else that they could do.

Alpha/Omega sex is often violent. It is often nonconsensual. Also, after being forced and usually hurt, they admit to having enjoyed the sex. Afterwards the violence is explained way. "Sorry honey, I didn't mean to hurt you, I just couldn't control myself because you were so hot".


I think that most of the alpha / omega sex stories have two men as protagonists, because having a woman be sexually dominated is too threatening to many women. They need that extra layer of abstraction to get any enjoyment of it. In many cultures, women are taught to fear men. Many women believe that some or even most men would rape them if given a chance. They live in fear of such things, and stories about women being sexually dominated by men are uncomfortable. Stories where men are being violent to men are common, however. Men are used to violence, and they are not women, so although the female reader can empathize with the men, they do not fully identify with them.


Alpha / Omega stories feel sort of tainted to me. They also make me sad. They imply that the cultures that we live in are nowhere near as open and egalitarian as we would wish for. They imply that women still fear sexual violence, and need coping mechanisms to deal with said violence when it occurs. It implies that sexual education is so lacking that many people have their first sexual experiences with very little understanding of the act, and with lots of misinformation and fear.

Because it turns the women on. Even if a woman instinctively knows that being hurt and forced to have sex is wrong, she may still have the desire to be sexually dominated. For many woman, admitting this causes shame.  This abstracted form of sex allows many people to fulfill their desires without having to admit why it turns them on, even to themselves.

The stories also deal with issues of great relevance to women such as pregnancy, family politics, childbirth, child rearing, emotional bonding with mates and children, breast feeding, etc. The absurdity of the sexual biology allows one to discount it saying that it is just fantasy, while still finding meaning in the stories.

I still find myself heavily conflicted by this genre. On the one hand, it is good that women find a way to get sexual fulfillment and to talk about issues that disturb them. On the other hand, it is sad that so many women are emotionally unable to directly talk about these issues due to societal values and shaming. Despite women's advances in the last century, I don't imagine that the need for these stories will be going away any time soon.

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