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Last day of Snowflake Challenge, so I'm making it count.

The snowflake challenge is one of the first fandom things that I did to participate in "fandom" rather than just posting a few fics online. It was what prompted me to start my podcast ( and it got me a few friends and recs. So I have fond memories of it.

I've been bummed that my first post in the challenge has occurred on the last day. But I thought that I would post my fandom wish list. These are things that I want to do, but have not yet been able to. If you are willing to help with the podfic, encourage me, or if you have pointers or recommendations, please comment, as I am feeling a bit down today because...emotions.

Anyway, here goes.

1. Writing goals: old business
I have currently over 12 works in progress that I need to finish!

On FFnet - Many of them can also be found on AO3

White Stockings T (current) AO3
Season 3 of Sherlock from Mary's point of view. Currently 10 chapters 13,815 words

A girl called trouble T
Sherlock is baby sitting Irene Adler's daughter. 3 chapters 3,454 words.

Breathing White Osmanthus K+
Sherlock and John live with two of his children in Baker Street. Mary lives apart with the baby. 5,421 words sequel to The Golden Cottage.

Eliza's Escape T
Original character, offshoot from a Sherlock fan fiction. Mother Maddy. Set in the future. 3 chapters 5,026 words.

Hooded in Red T AO3
Set during the hiatus. Sherlock and Molly get kidnapped by the international organization Moriarty. Based on Little red riding hood. 2 chapters 4841 words

Black Scorpion K AO3
Sherlock is a pirate! 11 chapters 14,423 words

The Monsters come K
A (possibly) failed attempt at expanding on the 221B style. Fixed word length on all chapters. Science fiction. Futurelock AU. 6 chapters 4272 words.

University Days M AO3
Sherlock Holmes falls in love with his friend Victor Trevor in University. Prequel to Meeting Victor. 12 chapters 24,004 words.

On AO3 only

Indifferent E
Sherlock had a sexual relationship with Moriarty in the past. Older Moriarty. 2 chapters 5,743 words.

The Continuing Adventures of Devil John E
After Death, Sherlock and John try Valhalla and meet Loki!
3 chapters 6,302 words A sequel to Devil John

Albion Awakens
My attempt at a Modern Merlin fic where Merlin has been waiting for 1000 years to revive Arthur but will culture shock be the end of him? 3 chapters 3,210 words

[Podfic] The Quiet Man
My version of IvyBlossom's classic work, stalled due to storage loss and other technical issues.

And one that has to do with editing.(ffnet)
Homeless Maddy - The novel
Taking my most well liked original character and editing all of her stories into one work.

2. Writing goals: New business

Leaving Earth
An original science fiction novel for the series Lunatics.

American IO
A "filed off the serial numbers" version of Homeless Maddy set in the United States. To be frank, this project scares me as I find the real world much scarier than my fictional one.

3. Dream Podfics (That is what I would like to make)
Besides compleating The Quiet Man, I have some things that I would love to do.

first - Make a podfic of some of the short works in my AO3 collection "Johnlock in small doses".


second - Find sound effects and get permission and possibly help to make a podfic of JupiterAsh's work "A study in Winning".

Also, I'd like to continue my podcast Midnight Fic Obsession

My Fandom Wish
I wish that I could get a writing and/or a podfic beta. I was an awful beta myself, so I think that karma is against me on this, but hey, wishes can come true can't they?

Anyway. I'll look back at this list next year and see if I did any of it.
Thanks for reading.

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